Audition Show #1 New York, Chicago, Seattle

Season 4, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 6/22/2009
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Join new host Nick Cannon and your three favorite judges Piers, David, and Sharon as they kick off the number one talent show, "America‘s Got Talent."

‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Recap: The Freaks Come Out for Season 4 (Page 1/4)

Thanks to Susan Boyle, America‘s Got Talent is relevant! Theshow that has already rewarded a ventriloquist and an opera singer isback to try and find another American with an obscure talent that noone really cares about. The Susan Boyle Effect is sure to play out thisseason, as a ton of hopelessly unattractive people will try to proveit‘s what‘s on the inside that matters.Sadly for them, they probably missed the finale of Britain‘s Got Talentwhere Boyle lost to a dance troupe and proceeded to get checked intothe hospital for exhaustion while cursing her way across the country. Beauty may only be skin deep, but just like fried chicken, the skin isthe best part.
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