When NBC’s time-travel drama first hit the air, we were somewhat skeptical about how long a show like Timeless could last. It felt like something we had probably seen a million times before. The show proved doubters wrong, and managed to stay captivating throughout all 16 episodes. With NBC having yet to make a decision on Timeless getting a season 2, here’s why we think it’s more than deserving.

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1. It Doesn’t Shy Away from Social Issues

So many shows whose plot actually revolves around modern-day issues just sugarcoat these problems for us. Timeless doesn’t do that. Given that one-third of this time-travel group is black and another third is a woman, it’s good to see the show acknowledge racial and gender discrimination in the different eras they travel to. It doesn’t shy away from the issues, which is one of the primary reasons that this show stands out. Timeless looks social injustices throughout history dead in the face and even offers commentary on how they are reflected in the world today. Its characters offer actual perspective.

2. The Chemistry Has Just Begun

Since its pilot episode, this trio has had instant chemistry. We had to watch them battle to find trust in each other, and now that we’ve gone on that journey together, we’ve earned watching them flourish as a legitimate team. The dynamic between Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt has been great to watch grow and the three of them have developed a balance that works effortlessly now. We spent so much of season 1 watching these three learn to trust each other that now that they do, we need more of this newfound friendship.

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3. It Avoids Time-Travel Cliches

There are so many “twists” that we keep expecting Timeless to make, because every show in this genre seems to do them. Timeless refuses to play that game. It doesn’t use the time-travel aspect as a plot device, which would be so easy for it to do. Their meddling in the past actually has significant consequences on the future. You’re on edge throughout every episode because not only do you have no idea what could happen, you know that any mistake they make could actually be dire. Unlike other shows which erase their time-travel mistakes by just going back in time again, Timeless has high stakes.

4. Relatable Characters

There are so many people to love on Timeless and each character stands out in a different way. What makes each of them so enthralling to watch is what the actors playing them bring to the table. In a science fiction show, we can actually relate to every character. Even the villain of Timeless, Garcia Flynn, can make you empathize with his motives. If you’re able to relate to even the bad guy, the show is obviously doing something right.

In a genre that we see get played out on TV all the time, Timeless is a rarity in how it manages to stay different. The time-travel aspect is one of the most fun parts of the show, but it mainly thrives in its performances, social commentary and by daring to be different. These are traits that are so important on TV right now. Timeless managed to bring these to a type of show which doesn’t usually carry any of them. We need to see more.

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Stay tuned for news on if NBC’s Timeless will be renewed for season 2.

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Kartik Chainani

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV