Fans may have saved Jericho, but the question of life after the 7-episode run still remains.  After sending over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters, fans are about to face yet another challenge in prolonging the post-apocalyptic drama series.  In an attempt to put forth the same kind of energy and dedication for yet another cause, loyal supporters have decided to come up with the Jericho DVD project.

As reported previously, the Jericho season 1 DVD is expected for release this fall, specifically on October 2.  According to fans, buying the DVD is their best tool in showing the network their support, which will hopefully entail a long life for Jericho.

As revealed by show producer Karim Zreik, DVD sales numbers are important to CBS.  Fans will now try to promote the show through the DVD, spreading it to many people as possible, in time for the return of Jericho on television.

But while the DVD project may serve as an introduction to entice new viewers to watch the upcoming season, it will also serve a more notable cause, the American troops.

A site called has already set up a PayPal account to accommodate any amount of donation, which will be used to purchase the season 1 DVDs and have them sent to Staten Island Project Homefront, an organization dedicated to supporting deployed military personnel.  Any money left over will also be sent directly to Staten Island Homefront to help cover their costs of shipping. Staten Island Project Homefront, in turn, will distribute them to military men and women abroad since one of the items being requested by the men and women overseas are DVDs.

Organizers of the project intend to purchase the DVDs at the end of September to take advantage of the pre-release price and free shipping at

Meanwhile, here are some details about the season 1 DVD.

Released by Paramount Home Entertainment, Jericho – The Complete First Season DVD will feature 22 season 1 episodes with bonus materials.  It includes “Building Jericho” featurette, “What If” featurette on the evolution of nuclear arms since the end of WWII, commentary on five episodes and some deleted scenes.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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