As NBC gears up for its first Super Bowl since 1998, the network is reportedly taking full advantage of the crazy ratings the games are expected to make to promote some of its current and future shows.  Just to give you an idea, an average of 80 to 90 million Americans tune in to the Super Bowl at any given time.  Its beleaguered series Heroes is one of the shows that can just benefit from the spree.

While paid advertisements will most likely make up the bulk of the commercials during NBC’s telecast, with ads fetching about $3 million per 30 seconds, its parent company NBC Universal is banking on its huge popularity to orchestrate a carefully planned promotional blitz for some of its shows that is tailored specifically for the event.

To help relaunch Heroes and sell it to the people who haven’t seen an episode, NBC is said to comically explore the idea of what would happen “if the Heroes were to use their extraordinary powers unfairly in a touch-football game,” says NBC Entertainment Marketing President Adam Stotsky.  He adds that this Heroes clip will just be one of the more or less 16 20- and 30-second spots NBC has designed to air during the game itself.

“Greg Grunberg makes an excellent lineman,” he teases.

Fans of other NBC shows, including Chuck, The Office, Kings, Southland, Medium, and even Top Chef should expect something special, then, while watching the Super Bowl.

– Glenn Paul Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Week
(Image courtesy of NBC)

Glenn Diaz

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