Ray Romano became a household name when he got the lead role on “Everybody Loves Raymond.” As Raymond Barone, he was born to parents Frank and Marie, and was the younger brother of Robert. Apart from his mother’s blatant favoritism for him, another thing that the show focused on was his relationship with his wife Debra. As a sportswriter who was often on the road, he hardly helped his wife when it came to household chores. Known for his whiny nasal voice and his inability to assert himself, he had many psychological problems rooted from his childhood, having an uncommunicative father and an overprotective mother.

Following Everybody Loves Raymond, he guest appeared on a number of episodes of the sitcom The King of Queens, reprising his iconic role Ray Barone. During his four-episode stint, it was hinted that very little has changed for Ray since his show concluded. Like his onscreen brother Brad Garrett, Romano also worked in films, providing the voice of Manny in Lost Historical Films on the Ice Age Period, Ice Age: The Meldown movie and in the video game of the same title. He also worked in the movie Grilled, a comedy about two meat salesmen and their adventures in making a sale. In the said film, he starred as Maurice, alongside Kevin James as Dave, Sofia Vergara as Loridonna, Juliette Lewis as Suzanne, Kim Coates as Tony, and Burt Reynolds as Goldbluth. Recently, he guest starred in an episode of ‘Til Death, a sitcom starring Garrett.

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Romano has finished shooting the film The Last Word, an offbeat romance-drama about a man who makes a living by composing other people’s suicide notes who unexpectedly enters a romantic relationship with the sister of a recent client. Slated for release this year, The Last Word stars Winona Ryder, Wes Bentley, Gina Hecht, A.J. Trauth, Kurt Caceres, and Michael Cornacchia.

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