Madeline Zima got her break on the television series The Nanny as Grace Sheffield, which she played for six years.  She was the youngest of the three children born to Max and the diseased Sara. As the most troubled after the death of her mother, she was brought to an analyst and from her sessions, she learned and picked up witty psychological remarks.  But when Fran Fine (Fran Drescher) came in as the household nanny, Grace found a mother figure.  Throughout the show, she remained loyal and devoted to Fran, becoming her shopping companion and aide in Fran’s antics and misadventures. Towards the end, her bond with Fran became even stronger as Fran married her father and became her stepmother.  In the coming months, the 21-year-old actress will be featured in a new miniseries and will be playing the lead in a movie.

This month, the former Nanny actress will be taking on a bolder and daring role, joining David Duchovny (The X-Files) in his upcoming 12-part miniseries called Californication.  The dramedy centers on Duchovny as a disturbed novelist whose obsession with sex and drugs interfere with his personal and professional lives.  The series is scheduled to premiere on Monday, August 13 on Showtime.

Also coming out this year is the movie Legacy, in which Madeline Zima stars as the lead role.  The movie revolves around a sorority house where three of the most popular girls become the primary suspects of a murder of an overweight pledge.  She plays Zoey Martin, alongside Haylie Duff (7th Heaven) and Monica Lo.

Aside from The Nanny, Madeline Zima was also known for work in movies such as Looking for Sunday and A Cinderella Story, where she played one of the antagonists Brianna.  On television, she recently appeared on Ghost Whisperer, Strong Medicine and 3 lbs.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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Kris De Leon

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