How do you follow up an episode involving a hit man killing his former clients? Well, if you’re Criminal Minds, you turn to something that could kill thousands.

In “The Witness,” a Los Angeles bus is attacked with sarin gas, and it’s up to the BAU to find the person responsible before a larger-scale incident occurs.

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Watch the promo for “The Witness”:

There are 10 confirmed dead in the attack when the team hears about, and no one’s claiming responsibility. But that’s just the beginning, because whoever’s behind it is using time-released devices and could kill thousands in another attack — and death would be “within minutes.”

Check out a sneak peek of Marisol Nichols’ FBI Agent Natalie Colfax meeting the team:

“Nice way to start a new job,” Natalie comments as Hotch introduces her to the team, and that’s something Tara can relate to. What they know so far is that sarin was used based on victim toxicology, but they can’t find the source and all the victims were alive on surveillance at the stop before the crash.

See what Reid has planned for Morgan in the future:

“When you meet a true friend, you will be bound together through space and time for 500 years,” Reid tells Tara, explaining that in the year 2200, he’s going to get Morgan back for the practical joke he played on him last week. “Bring it, Pretty Boy,” Morgan chimes in from his seat on the jet. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

Criminal Minds season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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