The CW announced it’s upcoming fall schedule today, which includes the much buzzed about new  drama, The Tomorrow People, from Greg Berlanti (Arrow) and Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries) based on a British sci-fi show from the 1970s.

It stars some new and familiar faces, including: Robbie Amell (Revenge) as Stephen, Luke Mitchell (H20: Just Add Water) as John, Peyton List (Mad Men) as Cara, Aaron Yoo (Disturbia) as Russell, Mark Pellegrino (Supernatural, Revolution) as Dr. Jedikiah Price, and Madeleine Mantock as Astrid.  

The Tomorrow People are a genetically advanced race that has paranormal abilities including: telekinesis, teleportation and telepathic communication. The story is centered around Stephen’s journey to accept his newfound abilities after he begins to teleport to various locations in his sleep. 

Check out the first preview for The Tomorrow People.

Stephen is pulled between two separate groups with vastly different outlooks on the Tomorrow People.  Dr. Jedikiah Price heads a paramilitary group of scientists, Ultra, that want to eliminate the Tomorrow People race. Jedikiah offers Stephen the opportunity to return to a “normal” life if he helps Ultra eliminate others with special abilities.

In contrast, Stephen meets three other Tomorrow People, Cara, John and Russell, who want him to join their family with others just like him. Stephen decides to take a path all of his own.

Check out the below sneak peek of Stephen facing off with Jedikiah with Cara, John, and Russell by his side.

The Tomorrow People appears to be the perfect companion show for this season’s hit Arrow. While the Hood may not have special powers, the Tomorrow People will fill that void in the sci-fi genre. 

Not only will Stephen have to deal with normal teenage troubles, romance, and family, he has to come to terms with his abilities and find his own moral compass to determine how he will use those powers.

Plus, there’s the seemingly nefarious Ultra organization to keep everything interesting and provide a counterbalance to the “normal” world out there. This is definitely on my must-see list. 

Where does this show rank in comparison to the other new shows premiering this fall? Is it a must-see for you? A show you’ll at least check out? Or, not really your type of show?

The Tomorrow People will air Wednesdays at 9 pm ET after Arrow starting this fall on the CW.

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(Image and video courtesy of the CW.)

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