Is there more to the case than the BAU thinks in tonight’s Criminal Minds, “The Edge of Winter”? Will they find new clues that call things into question just as they’re about to close their investigation?

In this episode, just as the BAU is wrapping up a case involving unusual stabbings in Upstate New York, Morgan visits with a survivor, which leads to more questions for the profilers to answer.

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Most of the time, the BAU doesn’t get the chance to talk to an UnSub’s survivors while investigating a case. Most of the time, these profilers only get a chance to see a survivor when they save one as they take down the killer near the end of an episode. However, that’s not the case this time.

This time, Morgan has the chance to talk to a survivor about what happened the night she escaped, and flashbacks show her looking out a window at two men sitting in the backyard before running, one of the men shooting after her. So are they looking for two UnSubs?

“I just kept going,” the survivor says. However, after being held for at least 10 months, it’s not going to be easy for her to just move on, and just with the glimpse we get of what she went through, it’s easy to see why she’s screaming in that hospital bed.  

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Get a further look at what’s coming up in this Criminal Minds episode:

Warning: You may never think of The Wizard of Oz the same way after “The Edge of Winter.” Also, Rossi is in fine form in this scene as Garcia gives the team a rundown of their case. Three victims have been found in Upstate New York over the past 10 days, all in a public place, but only the third has been put on display, like a scarecrow. “Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore,” Rossi comments.

Each victim was taken from a neighboring city and each has 20 puncture wounds to the chest in groups of four, as if the UnSub is using some sort of farming equipment. But why was the third victim left to be found like a scarecrow? Reid suggests it’s like a deity symbol, as according to a Japanese book from 712, the scarecrow is a symbol of someone who knew everything in the world. When Morgan voices his concern about the MO, Rossi again chimes in: “Could be a combo platter, with a side order of psycho.”

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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