These days, production companies are pouring actual money and talent into web series. As a result, there are more webisodes hitting the Internet daily — and it can be pretty hard to keep up. This article represents a (paltry, desperate, probably doomed-to-failure) attempt to do so.

Keep in mind, you can’t actually watch some of these web series yet. While one has already released an episode or two, the others highlighted here have nothing but publicity photos and teasers available.

But if you keep checking back, maybe you’ll be the cool kid who sees the new webisodes first! You know, if that’s your thing.

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DISCLAIMER: For all I know, these web series could be terrible. It’s not like I’ve seen them or anything, so don’t get mad at me if your viewing experience isn’t everything you ever desired.

Aim High (premiering August 1 on Facebook)

This is a web series that has everything needed to be a big Internet hit: recognizable stars, name producers and an amusing, quirky premise.

Aim High follows the adventures of Nick Green (Jackson Rathbone, who played Jasper in the Twilight movies), an ordinary high school loser. Except that Nick isn’t so ordinary — when he’s not in school, the unassuming student is a secret agent for the US government.

Of course, no one knows about Nick’s double life. As a result, neither the cute girl of Nick’s dreams (Aimee Teegarden of Friday Night Lights fame) or the hot teacher of Nick’s other dreams (Rebecca Mader from Lost and No Ordinary Family) pay him any attention. What’s a guy to do?

Click here to watch a teaser trailer for Aim High.

Leap Year (episodes airing now)

Have you been laid off? Do you want to watch a web series about layoffs happening to other people? Of course you do!

In Leap Year, the five main characters don’t sit around and moan while collecting unemployment like normal, sane laid-off people. Nope, they start businesses and then enter a contest for $500,000. The money is promised to them by “a mysterious stranger with an exorbitant amount of money” who somehow has access to their office.

OK, so it’s not the most realistic depictions of unemployment. Still, the series, written by Yuri and Vlad Baranovsky and sponsored by Hiscox Insurance, is kind of entertaining. Also, I’m jealous about the money.

If nothing else, Craig Bierko is in it!

Modern Family Business (episodes coming at some point)

The Internet has sitcoms too.

Modern Family Business is a comedy web series about a family that runs a flower business. Apparently, this can cause problems (I wouldn’t know — my experience with florists is pretty much limited to ordering flowers online and then hoping they magically show up). But they’re likely to be funny, pleasant problems because… you know, it’s about flowers!

The web series will also be about a mixed race family consisting of Kim (Teresa Huang, formerly on The Riches) and Brian Fluge (John Schaffer), along with their daughter (Cortney Lee) and Kim’s brother Chad. More of the drama stuff should come from the neighboring, competing giant store across the street which tries — as such evil big businesses do — to crush its tiny adversary.

Check out the teaser clip below:

Along with the main show page, there is a very active Twitter feed and a Facebook page.

LoveMakers (episodes maybe coming soon)

Check out the trailer for this potential web series:

Look familiar at all? It’s the same creators as Leap Year. Only this one’s about a dating service that provides way more assistance to clients than most.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the preview trailer is all that exists. There hasn’t been any recent mention of the series happening. And the main people involved are off doing Leap Year.

Too bad. The trailer is cool, and this is supposed to be a web series with 30-minute episodes, a much-needed variety.

Maybe it will turn up someday!

Do any of these new web series look interesting to you? What do you think could make the series a success? Leave a comment below with your opinions!

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