SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from True Blood season 7, episode 3, “Fire in the Hole.”

Are you still mourning your favorite werewolf and his beautiful, perfectly sculpted body? Me too. I never really cared much for his character; he was all macho and not much else. However, that body? That FACE? I’d take his aesthetics over pale Bill Compton any day. But let’s not dwell over Alcide. After all, his death served an important purpose: to get Sookie and Bill back together, right? Plus, it also turns out Joe Manganiello wanted to be killed off. Dun, dun, DUN.

Sookie and Bill Forever

Bill has done some nasty things to Sookie. He had sex with his maker while he and Sookie were technically together, he broke up with her, he almost killed her, and oh yeah –he staged their meet-cute to begin with so he could keep an eye on her for Sophie-Anne. Their whole relationship was basically a lie, but you have to admit that it turned into a really steamy one. 

Sookie and Bill have really good chemistry, in a totally tapped kind of way. Sookie is defiant. She hates being restrained by anyone, let alone a man. She seeks out danger, whether she tries to or not. She LIKES being with someone who is dangerous and could potentially kill her (see: Bill, Eric, Warlow). Bill, when he’s not filled with the blood of old Biblical psychopaths, is actually a gentleman (with an edge). He doesn’t really try reigning Sookie in, which is why he went with her plan to lure the infected vamps last episode. After everything is said and done, I think Bill is good at heart (if he literally has one). Maybe I’m just a sucker (get it?!) .

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Sookie and Alcide No More

Sookie would have never been completely happy with Alcide. When she was sharing all her relationship woes to Bill in “Fire in the Hole,” we pretty much knew that was it for Alcide. If Sookie isn’t completely head-over-heels for a guy, then forget about it. Plus, it was clear when Sookie read through that girl’s diary that she missed that intense, all-or-nothing love she had with Bill. 

Alcide was safe, sure. And he was more human, so he and Sookie could have kids and grow old together. That she couldn’t ever have from a relationship with a vampire. Alcide was good-natured, kind, and truly loved Sookie. But Sookie didn’t love him quite as much. And she wasn’t sure if she even wanted to start a family with him, which makes sense since her bloodline is pretty messed up.

Did Alcide HAVE to Die?

Absolutely. We knew Sookie wanted to break up with him, and to any sane person, that would be a crazy move. He’s perfect, and Sookie knows it. So the next best thing is that he gets shot through the head. It was really sad, but at least it was fast. If Alcide stayed alive, Sookie would either have broken up with him, or reluctantly married him and agreed to children. And that’s no fun.

Now, Sookie gets to decide if she wants to end up with Bill. You guys know how I feel about this, so let’s talk about how Joe Manganiello’s requests played a part in Alcide’s death. 

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Manganiello Wanted Alcide to Die

According to Hollywood Life, “Joe brought up to the producers that he wanted to be killed off because he wants more out of his career than just being known as the guy on True Blood.”

I’m not sure if he’ll every really shed his True Blood past (which is NOT a bad thing!), but I think he made the right decision nonetheless. Let’s remember Alcide fondly, and not as Sookie’s safe boyfriend. 

I do hope Sookie mourns Alcide’s death a little bit before moving on, but you never know with True Blood

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