All’s fair(y) in love and war on True Blood this week. The Debbie Pelt murder case is closed, Sookie gets drunk (and frisky), Bill and Eric return to town and, most importantly, Jason and Andy go to a sexy fairy club where Jason learns some very surprising secrets about his family. It looks like all that fairy stuff the show has been giving us in bits and pieces is finally coming to the forefront.

The Murder of Debbie Pelt

You know how The Killing took two whole seasons to solve the murder of Rosie Larsen? Well, the case of Debbie Pelt is closed in two episodes. First Sookie confesses to Jason, wanting to turn herself in, but Jason is a good brother who wants to use his job to save her. I’m just happy once every season the writers remember that Sookie and Jason are siblings and give them a scene together.

Meanwhile, Alcide tells Debbie’s parents that Marcus did killed her and that Alcide killed him for revenge. There’s enough truth in his confession to make it plausible, even if it is total B.S. and adds more proof to what Tara says, that there will always be someone there to take a bullet for Sookie.

Jessica finishes up the investigation by compelling Andy to completely forget about the Pelt case, thus bringing a quick end to this annoying plot detour.

Drunk Sookie

Afraid that she’s going to jail, Sookie decides to get drunk, and drunk Sookie is the best Sookie. She slurs made-up lyrics to “The Pina Colada Song” when Alcide shows up to tell her that he covered up Debbie’s murder. Sookie thanks him by getting him drunk and then making out with him. It makes sense that Sookie waited until now to have sex with Alcide. She probably went to see Magic Mike this weekend and got all hot and bothered over Joe Manganiello. The only problem is that Bill and Eric both show up outside her window at that exact moment.

The Fairy Club

Judge Clemmons invites Jason and Andy to a special club as a reward for covering up his son’s ticket. They’re blindfolded by a bunch of sexy women and brought to the same open field Jessica went to when she chased Claude the fairy last week.

The girls open a magical portal to another dimension and they walk into a fairy club full of sexy burlesque dancers. It’s like Heaven if Heaven were full of half-naked go-go dancers (which I believe it is). Andy is particularly happy to reconnect with Maurella, the fairy he had sex with last season.

Jason gets a little confused when he sees his cousin Hadley (remember her from seasons 2 and 3, Queen Sophie-Anne’s prisoner who told Eric that Sookie was a fairy). Hadley is shocked to learn Sookie is alive and begs Jason to bring her to this fairy club refuge because the fairies have all been brainwashed to believe in this Fairies vs. Vampires war that doesn’t seem to actually exist.

However, what does interest Jason is the news that a flood didn’t kill his parents, vampires did. Say what!?! Hadley runs away before we get more info and Jason gets angry trying to chase her, ultimately getting himself and Andy kicked out of the club and zapped with some of that fairy lightning by the fairy bouncers.

As Your Maker…

Following last week’s suicide attempt in the tanning bed, Pam rushes over to forbid Tara from doing that anymore, using those famous words “As your Maker,” which is like vampire compulsion. Pam takes her back to Fangtasia where they find Bill and Eric. Instead of the warm reunion Pam had hoped for, Eric tortures her and asks if she told anyone about Russell, because she’s one of only four people who knew about what they did (Eric, Bill and Alcide being the others).

Pam would never betray Eric and he ultimately believes her, though he does release her from the bonds of Maker-dom because she’s old enough to make her own decisions and she has a progeny of her very own. It’s a sweet and tender moment, one made more powerful by the news that Pam is the ONLY progeny Eric has, even after more than 1,000 years as a vampire. Much like Indiana Jones, he chose wisely.

The Judas Stake

Nora is still being tortured since she confessed to being a Sanguinista. She refuses to rat out her accomplice until the Guardian threatens to murder Bill and Eric. For that, Nora tells them that it’s Chancellor Alexander Drew, the little boy. The Guardian gives a big speech about mainstreaming before delivering the true death to the little kid with the Judas Stake, made from the tree Judas hanged himself from tipped with a melted form of his 30 pieces of silver. As if murdering a kid wasn’t bad-ass enough, the Guardian then demands no more betrayals while his face is covered in blood.

Evil Lafayette

Remember when Lafayette was taken over by that Mexican brujo demon inside of him and he poisoned the gumbo with bleach? Well, the brujo is back, this time tampering with Sookie’s car to make it try and kill her. Luckily she escapes before that happens, but there’s definitely something very dark inside Lafayette.

Sam’s Friends

Sam gets a call from his two shapeshifter buddies from last season who want him to come out for a run. He agrees, but when he arrives his two friends are dead. Doesn’t this show already have enough mysteries?

Terry’s Road Trip

Terry and Patrick drive up to South Dakota to track down Private Eller, and in flashbacks we see that their squad was in Iraq on the Fourth of July and Eller was on guard when he got into a skirmish with some civilian and shot him. Then there was a firefight with some hostiles and a whole bunch of civilians wound up dead. I don’t know why True Blood is featuring a deleted scene from HBO’s Band of Brothers, but I do know that I don’t really care.

They find a secret basement full of creepy drawings of some scary creature (it might be Lost‘s Black Smoke Monster or Melisandre’s Shadow Baby from Game of Thrones) and Private Eller with a gun. This might get interesting, but I still find it odd that they are so detached from every other plot on the show.

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