During last week’s episode, Sookie found out her father tried to kill her just in time for him to possess Lafayette in an attempt to finish the job. Meanwhile, almost all of the show’s main vampires wound up in Vamp Camp. In this week’s episode, “Don’t You Feel Me,” Sookie and Benlow make a strange, sexy connection and two characters meet their end. Read on to find out what kind of insanity True Blood delivers this week.

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A Love Connection?

Benlow comes to Sookie’s rescue and uses his faerie light to push Papa Stackhouse out of Lafayette. Before Lafayette can process the whole vampire-faerie hybrid thing, Benlow feels Bilith’s call and it does the same awful things to him that it did to Jessica. Sookie decides that since Benlow saved her twice now, she will return the favor and she magics them to Fae sanctuary.

Benlow asks Sookie to tie him up because he is afraid his vampire side will win out once night falls and he will attack her. Sookie does as he asks and they chat about Benlow’s history because there is not much else to do in Fae land. Eventually, Sookie starts to ramble on about how she always falls for all the wrong vampires and maybe she should just stop fighting against those feelings and own up to her desires. What follows is the oddest sex scene this show has done in a while — Sookie lets Benlow drink from her, Sookie bites Benlow, and Sookie and Benlow combine their light via faerie sex that will probably result in a baby destined to save vampire kind.

Burrell Tortures Eric

Burrell and the Newlins are disappointed when Pam and Eric team up to attack the guards rather than each other. Before Burrell has them taken away, Eric learns that Steve is the one who sold him out.

Burrell visits a captive Eric and tells him that he wants Eric to suffer the way he has suffered since losing Willa. Burrell brings Nora to Eric and has her injected with a new form of Hepatitis they are calling “Hepatitis V.” Burrell wants Eric to watch Nora die, but Eric has other ideas. Eric summons Willa and she helps him free Nora, but instead of getting out of Vamp Camp, Eric stops by to check on the Tru Blood being made for the vampire prisoners and learns that it has all been contaminated.

Sarah Plots Against Jason, Bilith Confronts Burrell

Jason uses his knowledge of vampires to get in good with the LAVTF and they fast-track him right onto the force. But Jason’s recruitment has to be approved and they bring Sarah in to officially sign off. Jason tells Sarah that he came to Vamp Camp to save Jessica and if she tries to stop him, he will reveal all of her dirty secrets. Sarah keeps her mouth shut about Jason’s reasons for joining the LAVTF and pushes his recruitment through, but her vengeful nature has her deciding to hurt Jason by making him watch Jessica enter the copulation room. Thankfully, the male vampire Jessica is paired with refuses to have sex with her without her consent, thus ruining Sarah’s plan and endearing him to viewers.

When Benlow disappears into Fae land, Bilith goes into another vampire-coma to commune with Lilith. But instead of working together, Lilith tells Bilith to handle his own mess. Bilith rises to the occasion, drinks Benlow’s blood and finally gains the power to day-walk. Bilith uses this new day-walking ability to pay Burrell a visit, and when Burrell refuses to tell Bilith where he can find Jessica, Bilith decapitates him.

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Family Ties

We finally close out the Emma storyline when Sam hands over custody of Luna’s daughter to her grandmother. Martha would not be my first choice for a guardian, but Sam thinks it is the right call.

With Emma safely away, Sam and Nicole wait for Alcide to track them down because they are tired of running. When Alcide arrives, Sam calls him out on his crazed behavior since becoming pack-master, and Alcide has a moment of clarity in which he lets Sam and Nicole go. But not without a warning that if they return, Alcide will not protect them from the pack’s revenge.

In a less irritating storyline, Andy’s last living faerie daughter asks for a real name and Andy gives her four. That way, she can remember all three of her deceased sisters. One of the four names is a shout-out to Charlaine Harris.

And That Big Death Everyone was Talking About…

As promised, this episode includes the death of a long-time True Blood character. As predicted, it is Terry. Terry’s death is much sadder than I expected it to be, thanks to some great acting by Carrie Preston and Todd Lowe. RIP Terry Bellefleur.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you upset by Terry’s death? Are you surprised everyone survived another week in Vamp Camp? Do you understand what craziness took over Sookie’s mind that led her to sleep with a man she almost killed one episode earlier? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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