Veil or no veil, it’s “Graduation” on The Vampire Diaries. Caroline wasn’t going to let a few angry ghosts get in the way of her perfect Graduation. While there were a few bumps throughout the day, for the most part, the dropping of the veil had a positive outcome by allowing loved ones to have time to say goodbye.

Overall, The Vampire Diaries finale was on the lackluster side in comparison to the previous three finales. The highlights were in the sentimental reunions between loved ones that brought out emotions similar to those from the season’s best episode, “Memorial.” And, in the romantic overtures from both expected and unexpected people. 

The disappointment came in what were supposed to be the two jaw-dropping moments. First, that Katherine took the cure. Unless she will be sticking around Mystic Falls, this was a bit anti-climatic. It won’t have any real consequence on the show or for the other characters.

And, second, that Silas is a doppelganger. When he was found wearing a mask, it was highly speculated that he was a doppelganger of someone else on the show. The Silas story dragged out so long that as the final reveal of the finale, it was more depressing to know it wasn’t over than as a cliffhanger to hold on to until the fall.

With the Originals heading to New Orleans and Bonnie dead, The Vampire Diaries will have a difficult task in maintaining an interesting story in Mystic Falls for season 5. Jeremy is back, but at this point, I’m not sure what he will add to the story. 

Despite those complaints, there were some highlights for the episode, particularly on the relationship front and with the reunions with deceased loved ones.

Ghosts Out for Revenge

The evil Hunters didn’t really end up doing much long-term damage. Rebekah saved Matt from the pressure triggered explosion. The Mystic Grill was blown up a little, but with a few repairs it should be good to go when Matt returns from his worldwide excursion with Rebekah. 

Damon was shot with bullets tainted with werewolf venom and refused to take the cure to survive. Ultimately, that was a good thing because Klaus was readily available to save the day. 

And, even the attack on Graduation Day was quickly ended when Klaus turned graduation caps into decapitation devices. Slick move, Klaus! And, Bonnie tricked Kol into a magical holding cell. The evil ghosts were handled without much trouble at all. 

Loving Reunions

There was so many happy moments with deceased loved ones, I think they all were my favorite. The graveyard picnic with Elena, Alaric, and Jeremy was a joyous moment. It was as if none of the horrible things had happened to any of them. Definitely a special reunion.

Stefan was fortunate to have his best buddy, Lexi, around to help him through this difficult time. His love for Elena was so intense that for him to know that it was over for good this time had to be difficult. It’s too bad she couldn’t stick around.

And, of course, the unlikely friendship between Damon and Alaric. Those two became one of the best relationships on the show. It was without any romantic drama to interfere and they were just buddies through and through. It was heartbreaking to watch Damon look up and see his friend gone.

Klaus & Caroline … Eventually

Caroline’s fixation on making sure everyone is happy got turned around when she received the gift she’s wanted more than anything. And, no it wasn’t a mini-fridge. Klaus gave her Tyler back. 

His decision may have been entirely selfish, but it was a special gift nonetheless. At the same time, he made it clear that he still loved her and intended that they would eventually get together. Arrogance? Perhaps. At the same time, quite romantic.

With Klaus’ focus in New Orleans, he won’t even have to see Tyler if he returns to Mystic Falls. Will Caroline be able to contact Tyler though? It would be a shame if he has his freedom, but doesn’t even know it. And, that would be torturous for Caroline.

Elena Decided Who She Loves … Finally

Sire bond or no sire bond — Elena loves Damon. They may be wrong for each other and they may hurt each other, but their connection and love is too strong. They each gave a long speech about why they shouldn’t be together, but in the end they ran into each other’s arms and shared a passionate kiss.

Stefan was hurt, but he was happy for his brother. It was quite touching to hear Stefan give his support to the relationship. When it came down to it, Stefan wanted both Elena and his brother to be happy. It’s too bad, he’s at the bottom of the quarry locked in a safe.

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Other Highlights

  • Bonnie and Jeremy got to say their goodbyes and shared a passionate kiss. It’s a shame that Bonnie died to save him so they could be together. At least he can see ghosts, so they can still see each other.
  • Rebekah finally got her happy moment with Matt. She kissed him to save his life from the pressure triggered bomb and then he agreed to go on a world-wide trip with her. She may have tried to kill him last year, but she’s doing everything she can to make it up to him. Plus, they make a cute couple!
  • The fight between Katherine and Elena was a long time coming and it didn’t disappoint. Just when it looked like Katherine was going to get the best of her doppelganger, Elena pulled a risky move. What kind of human will Katherine be? 

Now that they have graduated, what’s next for the Mystic Falls vampires? Since they didn’t apply for college, it looks like it’s community college for them, right? Or, will they try to get real jobs, perhaps join Matt at the Mystic Grill?

The Vampire Diaries season 5 will definitely be different with Klaus and Rebekah in New Orleans. What is it that Silas really wants? The cure is gone, so it could be anything. 

With Lexi and Alaric’s conversation about another realm, is it possible that the show will take place there in part next season? That would be a way for Bonnie to remain on the show. Is that where Silas wants to go? So many questions and a long wait for answers.

What was your favorite moment from the finale? Are you happy that the Silas story didn’t end? Or, do you wish he had been buried and been gone forever? Are you okay with trading Jeremy for Bonnie on the show?

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