The Vampire Diaries started off 2013 with truths revealed, hearts broken, romance rekindled, and new alliances formed all because Rebekah was undaggered by April. It’s not the first time that Rebekah has been daggered, but this was the angriest that she’d been. In “After School Special,” Rebekah wanted revenge and she succeeded. 

A Hunter’s Training

Jeremy continued training with Matt and supervisor Damon out at “Camp Nowhere.” He was bored trying to take down Matt and wanted to move up to working with Damon. That didn’t go well. Damon quickly had Jeremy in a neck hold and could have killed him in an instant.

Klaus showed up and wanted to know how many vampires Jeremy had killed and was upset when he was told none. The training was not moving quickly enough for his liking. He was hybrid-less and needed the mark to get the cure.

Damon claimed he was going to do it his own way, but Klaus circumvented that plan. The regular pizza girl showed up at the cabin for help. When she arrived she couldn’t enter, which meant she’d been turned into a vampire. Unwittingly, Jeremy invited her in and she ended up attacking Matt. 

Jeremy came to Matt’s rescue, killed the pizza girl, and his mark grew. They all left the cabin and went to the bar and found Klaus there with a bunch of freshly turned vampires. He was tired of waiting. Damon said that he agreed, but it wasn’t clear if he was just going along with Klaus or was really involved in the planning.

Now, Jeremy has plenty of vampires to kill in order to complete the mark, reveal the map, and move the quest for the cure forward.

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Truth or Dare

Rebekah was furious about being daggered and kept in the dark about the search for the cure. She wanted answers so she got Elena, Stefan, and Caroline all at the school and compelled them to tell the truth.

Not only did she get the information she wanted about the cure, but she got revenge by forcing Elena to tell the truth about her feelings for Damon and Stefan. Elena broke Stefan’s heart when she said that she loved Damon regardless of the sire bond and detailed all the reasons why.

Rebekah offered to compel Stefan to forget his feelings for Elena and he asked her erase them. That broke Elena’s heart, but Rebekah wasn’t going to let Stefan off that easy. She refused to take away that pain.

That wasn’t enough for Rebekah, she forced Tyler to turn into a werewolf and attack his friends. He hadn’t turned in a while and it was painful as always. At least, everyone got away and no one was harmed by Tyler.

Shane’s Plan

Rebekah’s compulsion worked and it was revealed that Shane was key to the plan. She sent Kol to collect Shane and torture the truth out of him. The professor told her that she could have the cure.

All Shane wanted was Silas and they could have the cure. Kol was freaked out by the mention of Silas and tried to kill Shane. It appeared he was dead, but he came back to life.

Does Shane have powers? Or, was it from the protection spell that almost killed April?

Bonnie questioned using her powers after the problem with the protection spell. She told Shane she didn’t want to use dark magic and he reassured her that Expression was not good or bad. He said that she was crucial to the plan and would protect her.

Mayor of Mystic Falls

With Mayor Lockwood dead, a new interim mayor was selected, Bonnie’s father, Rudy Hopkins. He’s aware of Bonnie’s abilities, which made her question whether she should use them.

After the happenings at the High School, April met with Mayor Hopkins and Sheriff Forbes about the fire that killed the council members. She told them Shane was responsible for convincing her father to kill all those people. And, that there’s a conspiracy going on.

Delena Renewed

Elena called Damon on the phone and had a heartening discussion about her feelings for him. She loved him. He promised to find the cure for her and would maybe do things she wouldn’t like, but it was for her. And, then he asked her to come see him. Sire bond or not, Elena and Damon are back together!

A New Partnership

With the partnerships of Damon and Klaus, plus Shane and Bonnie, it only made sense that Stefan would find someone to work with. Despite their problems, Stefan reached out to Rebekah to work together to find the cure.

They both want to destroy their brothers and make a perfect pair. Stefan wants to use the cure on Elena to get her back, while Rebekah wants to make Klaus pay by turning him human again.

Are you happy to see Rebekah and Stefan working together? Are Damon and Elena going to survive? Or, is their romance ultimately doomed? Is there a cure to find and if there is who do you want to use it?

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