In the second to last episode of The Vampire Diaries season 4, Bonnie dropped the Veil and ghosts started appearing all around Mystic Falls. “The Walking Dead” included friends, family, and even dangerous foes. Will the time with loved ones supersede the devastation that the angry ghosts wreak on the town? 

By the end of the hour, not much really happened on “The Walking Dead” other than a lot reunions between the living and the dead. And, of course, the death of Bonnie and the solidification of Silas.

Elena remained committed to killing Katherine even though her friends tried to distract her with other activities, including breaking bricks, pull-ups, and sending out graduation announcements. These activities only heightened her determination to take out Katherine.

Elena truly believed that once she killed Katherine her despair and guilt would magically be lifted. No matter what Stefan said to convince her it wouldn’t work that way, she refused to believe it. Though, her quest to find Katherine was unwittingly prevented by Bonnie.

Bonnie linked herself to Katherine in order to protect the vampire from being read by Silas and ruining her plan. She was determined to use the power of the witch’s blood in Silas’ headstone in order to drop the Veil before the full moon. This would catch him off guard and she could end his control.

Bonnie dropped the Veil and ghosts from the other side started appearing in Mystic Falls. Alaric and Damon were back together once again. Their banter and friendship has been sorely missing on The Vampire Diaries since Alaric’s death. I’d love to see him stick around and with Cult‘s cancellation Matt Davis is available.

Elena did end up finding Katherine and attacked her. Due to the bond between Katherine and Bonnie, everything Elena did to hurt Katherine also hurt Bonnie. Just as Elena was about to kill Katherine, Stefan interceded and stopped her. 

Elena’s pain was so deep that she decided to visit Jeremy’s grave. I kept waiting for Jeremy to appear, but he didn’t. Instead Kol found Elena after an unwelcome visit to see his sister, Rebekah. Kol attacked Elena and was going to kill her.

Instead of fighting to stay alive, Elena told Kol he’d be doing her a favor if he killed her. She was so miserable, death was preferable to the pain of her losses. Before Kol could kill her, Jeremy showed up and shot him and then Stefan finished the job by breaking Kol’s neck.

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While Elena and Jeremy were being reunited, Bonnie faced off against Silas. He claimed that he just let her believe he couldn’t get in her head. He rotated between people to confuse her. He said he was powerful and mentioned he overcame the Hunter’s Curse in hours (nice to finally understand why he didn’t suffer from it). Bonnie went unconscious after believing she was suffocating.

Bonnie woke up with her grandmother’s help. Her grandmother said that Bonnie had the power within her to stop Silas. She just had to focus her power. Silas showed up and was incapacitated by Damon, which allowed Bonnie to solidify Silas like he was found on the island.  To prevent him from getting any blood, Silas was going to be sent to the bottom of the ocean.

Bonnie was reunited with Jeremy. Elena apologized for how she treated Bonnie and all was forgiven. After a quick hug with Jeremy, Bonnie left him with Elena and returned to put the Veil back up. Elena’s pain subsided once she was given the opportunity to have a proper goodbye with her brother. Both reunions were both touching and heartbreaking at the same time.

Instead of putting the Veil back up immediately, Bonnie was convinced she had enough power to bring Jeremy back permanently. Her grandmother warned her against it, but she tried anyway. It’s unclear whether her spell worked or not, but Bonnie died during the process.

Bonnie materialized as a ghost next to her grandmother and looked upon her dead body. With the Veil still down, how will it be put back up now that Bonnie is dead? And, in the graduation pictures Bonnie is there. Is she brought back to life? Or, does she attend in ghost form? As shocking as her death initially was, as usual on this show, it was tempered slightly with uncertainty as to whether it will stick or not.

With the Veil still down, other ghosts started appearing. Lexi visited Stefan and they had a nice heart-to-heart, including comments about Stefan’s growing closeness with Caroline. But, not all the reunions were happy ones.

Rebekah’s ex-boyfriend, the hunter, returned on the city square and immediately went after her. As she tried to escape him with Matt, she ran into the other dead hunters. With the hunters back in Mystic Falls, no vampire is safe until the Veil is put back up.

Meanwhile, Alaric found the cure in Silas’ pocket and he gave it to Damon. Who will consume the cure? Could it be used to save a vampire killed by a hunter? Or, will Damon use it to get human Elena back? Or, could Damon take it? Which vampire will ingest the cure?

There are still many open questions. What do you want to see happen in the season finale? Which dead person would you most like to remain? Is Bonnie dead-dead? Or, could she still be revived?

The Vampire Diaries season 4 finale airs May 16 at 8 pm ET.

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