Lily still has Elena’s coffin. She won’t tell Damon where she is keeping Elena until Oscar returns home. There’s just one problem, Valerie has killed Oscar — oopsie!

“I Carry Your Heart with Me” opens three years into the future of The Vampire Diaries. Alaric is trying to rewire something, the camera pulls back to reveal that it’s the electronics of a doll. Two small girls, twins, appear in frame and ask him if he’s fixed it yet? The two girls are his daughters. Are these girls the newest generation of Gemini twins? Does this mean Alaric is successful in bringing Jo back to life? We find out the answer to one of these questions before the episode ends.

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Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and Bakey

Valerie is making a mushroom omelet for Oscar. Lily enters the room and she asks where Oscar is. Lily says that he never showed up. She begins to question Valerie about her time with Stefan in 1863. Valerie says it was nothing. Lily wants to know why then she kept his journal all of these years. She says she was just a foolish human back then. It’s obvious Lily isn’t buying the whole story. She tells Valerie if she has anything else to say about it, she should speak up now. Valerie goes to leave, saying that she is going to look for Oscar. Lily says that that won’t be necessary. She knows there is more to the story of Valerie and Stefan, just as there is more to the story of Damon and Oscar.

It’s All Very “Weekend at Bernie’s”

Damon and Stefan are in the middle of trying to get rid of Oscar’s body when Norma and Mary Louise arrive at the dorm room. They begin searching rooms trying to find him. They can smell the blood. Damon makes up a story that Oscar knocked him out and ran away. He’s trying to sell the story, but the heretics don’t believe a word he says. They finally leave.

There is an exterior shot of the campus. It’s Halloween so there are students walking around in costume. This is how Damon and Stefan are able to get away with hanging Oscar’s desiccating body out the window. They have just hauled in inside and are carrying him across the room when a girl walks in. They try to act normal and it’s all very “Weekend at Bernie’s.” The girl hands Stefan a note. It’s from Nora that says For every hour that Oscar doesn’t return, a Whitmore student will die, starting now. Suddenly the girl who delivered the note stabs herself in the neck!

Murder Threats? This Calls for a Dance!

Stefan and Caroline know that Oscar is dead. They also know that Mary Louise and Nora are serious about killing a student every hour. They come up with a plan to get them to attend the Heaven and Hell Ball. That way everyone will be in the same place and it will be easier to track the heretics moves. Caroline says that the only way the two will go to the ball is if they think it is their idea.

Her plan works. Mary Louise finds her looking at the party flyer. She uses reverse psychology to bait Mary Louise into wanting to attend. Mary Louise ends up going as the devil, not a far stretch from going as herself. Of course, Caroline will dress up as an angel.

Meanwhile Back at the Morgue…

Bonnie, Damon and Alaric are trying to bring Oscar back to life. Bonnie is going through every spell book trying to get the phoenix stone to work. She has no clue what spell will work and at one point she even accidentally sets the body on fire.

Over at the ball, Caroline and Stefan have managed to save a few people from certain death. They might be saving lives but they are becoming increasingly irritated at the vervain spell Valerie cast on Caroline. Stefan still can’t touch her. Nora and Mary Louise are too scared of Valerie to remove the spell. They warn that no one wants to end up on her bad side.

Caroline wants Stefan to talk to Valerie. He says he’ll do it once Damon brings back Oscar. He reassures her that Valerie hasn’t been a part of his life for 150 years. Caroline says the only reason he won’t talk to her is because he’s afraid all of his feelings will come back. Stefan points out that Caroline is obviously projecting her own fears about Valerie. She doesn’t like that realization and walks away. Stefan notices that Mary Louise and Nora have vanished.

A Whole New Meaning of Heartbreak

Mary Louise finds Nora draining a girl from the party. She tells her to have a taste. Instead, Mary Louise steps up and rips the girls heart straight from her chest. Nora is pissed! She thinks Mary Louise is acting out of jealousy. Mary Louise tells Nora she’s just desperate for attention. Nora wants Mary Louise to lighten up and adapt to the times. It’s 2015, it’s not 1902 anymore.

Back at Salvatore Mansion, Enzo brings home a Mystic Falls trespasser and finds Valerie sitting by the fire. He tells Valerie he saw her on surveillance video in a stolen car on a road to and from Whitmore the same night that Oscar was known to be there. It doesn’t take long for Valerie to confess to killing Oscar. She says she did it to keep Julian away. Enzo asks who Julian is. Valerie says, “Someone you want to keep as far away as possible, assuming one day you want Lily to love you in the same way you love her.” This piques Enzo’s interest. Maybe Lily isn’t as trustworthy as he believes.

You Are the Most Terrifying Person I Know

Bonnie is trying any spell she can get her hands on, hoping to bring Oscar back to life. She finally gets the right one. Oscar sits up, screaming. Damon tells her she is officially the most terrifying person he knows. Damon puts Oscar into his car. So far the only evident side effect of the spell in insatiable thirst. Alaric stays behind with Bonnie so they can use the spell on Jo.

While Oscar and Damon are heading back to town, Damon coaches Oscar on what he will say to Lily. It becomes evident that thirst isn’t the only consequence of the spell. Oscar can’t remember anything. He’s confused and keeps asking for more blood. Damon won’t give in until he can answer the questions correctly. Oscar becomes fed up and jumps out of the car. It’s Halloween, and there are ghost tours going on all around the outskirts of Mystic Falls. Damon knows that Oscar is going to leave a large trail of bodies. Back at the ball, Mary Louise is sulking after her fight with Nora. Stefan does what he does best and sits down to talk about it. Just when she is starting to trust him, he sticks her with a needle full of vervain.

He takes her away from the party knowing that Nora will come looking for her. Nora finds Stefan with a stake to Mary Louise’s throat. She knows he doesn’t really have the power to do anything. She summons the stake away, but Caroline runs up behind her and grabs her mouth. Caroline is still under the vervain spell so her hand immediately burns Nora’s face. She says Nora has the power to make it all stop by siphoning away the spell. She does.

Everyone is safe. Nora and Mary Louise make up and Caroline and Stefan make out. 


This Isn’t Part of the Tour

A bus is making a stop along the Mystic Falls Ghost Tour. Suddenly, the tour guide is ripped through the front windshield by Oscar. The passengers cheer because they think it’s part of the act. The cheers quickly turn to screams as Oscar murders them all one by one.

He jumps off the bus and finds Lily. Because of the resurrection spell, he can’t remember who she is. He starts to walk toward her, ready to attack. Damon stops him by breaking his neck. He asks for Elena. Lily tells him she’s asked Bo to remove the cloaking spell. She’s in the ruins of the old Salvatore Mansion. Damon wants to move back to Mystic Falls. He thinks he needs to keep everyone safe. Lily opens his eyes to the real fact that he has been trying to keep Elena so close. He doesn’t know who he is without her.

That’s Why I Drink Bourbon

Damon is drunk journaling. He writes that he is a half bottle in of 1950 Chateau Cheval Blanc, one he’s waiting 65 years to open. He used to love spending his nights sitting in his wine cellar. He wouldn’t open the bottle of wine until Katherine returned. Eventually, he realized that bottle of wine was never going to taste as good as he dreamed it would. That’s why he drinks bourbon now. He writes that he doesn’t know who he is without her. He thinks without Elena he is a selfish friend, a jealous brother and a horrible son.

Elena has always been Damon’s center, his moral compass. He’s hoping to hold onto that until she returns. Speaking of returning, Bonnie successfully casts the spell and resurrects Jo!

On the next episode of The Vampire Diaries, Valerie and Stefan finally have the talk.

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