Have you been missing the friends and enemies in Mystic Falls? The long winter hiatus has come to an end!  The Vampire Diaries returns tonight to deal with the aftermath of Klaus’ rampage and Rebekah’s daggering. 

I spoke with Claire Holt about what’s next for character, Rebekah, after she gets undaggered, the quest for love, and the search for the cure.

Will Rebekah be able to go a while without getting daggered?

Poor Rebekah gets daggered too much. I don’t know. The track record hasn’t been that great, so I guess not.

Will Rebekah be able to forgive Klaus for daggering her this time? Or, did he do it one time too many times?

I think that Rebekah has such a strong loyalty to her family and loves her family, but this is a pretty huge betrayal, so I don’t know if she’s going to be able to forgive him that easily or at all.

Will she also blame Stefan and others?

Yeah, I think so. And, I think a lot of this episode (“After School Special”), is her getting her revenge for being daggered. She definitely blames Stefan and plays a little game of psychological torture with them. She tries to find answers. Stefan, Elena and Caroline, she really blames all of them, she knows it was a like mutual decision, so she’s not sparing anyone.

In the preview, we see that Rebekah wants Tyler to turn into a werewolf, is that because it was Tyler’s plan to dagger her?

I think it has a little more to do with the fact that it plays into her game with Stefan, Elena, and Caroline. The reason she wants it done is so she can continue her game with them and get the answers that she wants. By wanting him to do that, she’s getting the results she wants. It’s more to do with her game and her psychological revenge.

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Will we see a darker Rebekah?

I think in some sense you see a darker Rebekah in terms of what she does to them, but it’s also a little playful. She really enjoys getting her revenge. She really enjoys making them suffer and I think that she’s playful in that, but what’s she’s doing to them is very dark. 

Does she play with them like pets? And, would she be upset if one of them got hurt?

I think she feels so betrayed by what happened to her. As soon as she comes back it’s all about getting what she wants and not caring who she leaves in the dust. She’s out for herself now. She doesn’t care about anyone else at this point. She’s doing what she wants to do and nothing else matters.

What would you like to see for Matt and Rebekah going forward? 

I think that Rebekah has always had feelings for Matt. And, she just wants to be loved. She just wants to be a real girl and feel that. But, I’m not sure that it’s ever going to work out between them just because of all of the tension. Who knows? It would be lovely to see her soften up and get a real boyfriend. 

Will the friendship between Rebekah and April be further developed?

I think that right now all Rebekah wants is answers about the cure, and the tattoo.She’s going to be going on a journey in search of the cure so I think most of her time will be dedicated to that. But, who knows, maybe she’ll still have a friendship with April.

What else can you tease about “After School Special”?

I think this week you will see a really manipulative side of Rebekah. She doesn’t save anyone, she really goes for it. She questions Stefan and Elena a lot about their relationship and she’s getting her revenge through that and it brings some very uncomfortable truths to light. As a result of this episode, it’s going to lead to a journey in search of the cure. They end up going to a little island off Nova Scotia, so that’s going to be fun, I think, the whole progression of this search for the cure.

Check out this sneak peek that shows part of Rebekah’s game!

The Vampire Diaries returns for it mid-season premiere, “After School Special” on Thursday, January 17 at 8 pm ET on the CW.

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