It’s Judges’ Choice on The Sing-Off tonight. Nick Lachey mentors the teams with surprising ease. The bottom two will face off in the ultimate sing-off, determining the final three teams for the finale next week.

Group Performance: “Shake it Out”

This sounds great from note one. I love this group performance. So many great lead vocals from each of the groups during this great song. The judges and audience are loving this alike. 

Hilariously, Nick Lachey mentors the groups this episode. To be fair, he does have a lot of experience to draw from as a singer, so this should be interesting. 

The Filharmonic (“Baby I Need Your Lovin'”)

Nick gives them solid advice about practicing their harmonies and making them tighter, which is a constant problem with this boy band group. This is a sweet throwback type performance. The lead vocal is much better than it has been in the past. I keep waiting for it to get off the ground, but it never really does. Overall, I like it.

Shawn comments that it stayed on the same level throughout, essentially agreeing with me. Jewel talks about how frustrating it is that the song doesn’t reach a climax. Feel you, girl. Ben feels they still have a ways to go.

Ten (“Proud Mary”)

The judges give Ten this iconic song because they can handle the force of it. Nick advises them to not focus on always getting along, but maintaining respect for one another. The performance starts sassy and the break down really takes it to the next level. I am a fan of theirs and love their confidence, but for some reason the whole performance falls a little flat. 

Ben’s favorite elements of the arrangement were the riskiest parts, which he encourages them to continue. Shawn comments that he wants more from them. Jewel still questions what kind of records they want to make. 

Home Free (“Colder Weather”)

The judges gave this country group a ballad because we haven’t seen one from them yet. Nick advises them to be genuine and get in touch with the emotion for an undeniable reaction from the audience. Love the setting of them sitting on logs around the fire. It is nice to hear a solo from a different group member. The harmonies are so tight and they are just the sweetest.

Shawn calls them the complete package. Ben comments that it is a generous performance. Jewel feels that they are stars and wants them to take bigger risks.

Vocal Rush (“My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark”)

Making it farther than any other high school group in The Sing-Off history, the judges feel that they should get to sing a song from their own generation. This Fall-Out Boy song should suit them really well in that. Nick advises them to enjoy their nerves because it means they care. Their energy is so infectious. They sound warm and dramatic, though sometimes I can feel how out of breath they are.

Jewel comments that they have a solid identity as a group. Ben comments that they were fantastic, but some elements were not as strong as he wants them to be. Shawn wants them to focus on their dynamics.

The Bottom 2

It is Ten going up against The Filharmonic. Even though I love Ten, this is fair based on the performances.

The Ultimate Sing-Off: “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”

From the start, Ten seems to dominate the performance. They have the harmonies on lock and the angry energy of being in the bottom two. The Filharmonic are talented and have a lot of fans, but this seems like a no brainer to me.

The judges save Ten, eliminating The Filharmonic. 

Tune in for the season finale ofThe Sing-Off on Monday at 8pm on NBC. The final three groups go head to head, the judges perform and good golly, a 98 Degrees reunion. 

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Eva Des Lauriers

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