On this episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Chris and Jacqueline both open up on the challenges they face raising Nicholas, their son with autistic, and Jacqueline receives an unexpected reward. Kathy Wakile is growing increasingly annoyed with Rich. Melissa and Joe realize moving away from Teresa may be easier said than done. And Caroline and Teresa come face to face for the first time in over a year.

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Literally Moving On

Melissa wasn’t bluffing during the season 4 reunion when she said that she and husband Joe were planning on selling their house. The two meet with their real estate agent, Jerry, frustrated that after six months on the market, offers for their palatial McMansion aren’t pouring in. Melissa admits that they chose to live close to Teresa’s family. But now that things are strained, the situation is too close for comfort. Both Teresa and Melissa, neither of whom put much effort into reconciling during the infamous play date, each feel the other is unwilling or unable to repair their fractured familial relations.

The couple are going to take a big financial hit even with their multi-million dollar asking price. That shows just how desperate they — my guess is primarily Melissa — are for not only emotional but physical distance from Teresa.

Cruel Intentions?

Caroline and Albert continue to spend time at their Hoboken getaway, but their empty nest isn’t so empty anymore. In addition to daughter Lauren, Caroline’s sister, Fran, who recently went through a divorce, her adopted dog, Frito, and three other canines are living in the big house. Albert is less than thrilled with the raucous household.

Caroline breaks the news to Albert that she plans on sending a text to Teresa Giudice requesting a meeting. Caroline says she’s doing it on behalf of Joe G., but she instills herself right back into the Giudice/Gorga drama when she requests a private meeting with Teresa’s brother. It’s possible that Caroline is trying to revamp her image as a bully in addition to her claims that she genuinely feels bad for the Giudice/Gorga children and their extended family members. Caroline should probably focus her attention on making amends with Dina. Something tells me that she feels helpless regarding the fissures within her own family, so she is distracting herself by focusing on someone else’s problems.

A Family’s Ongoing Struggle

Jacqueline is given the opportunity to share her experiences as the mother of a child with autism when Parenting magazine asks her to participate in their first ever video blog. Jacqueline is grateful for all the people who reached out to her when she revealed her son’s condition, and she views this as a great way to give back.

While Jacqueline opens up to Parenting magazine’s readers, Chris discusses the challenges associated with Nicholas’ condition with Joe G. Joe questions Chris on how the stress of having a special needs child affects their marriage. Chris says that Jacqueline spends hours every night doing research and that things are stressful. Chris also confides in Joe that Jacqueline is very emotional. It is amazing how strong Chris is when it comes to discussing what he and his wife have been through. He calls their son Nick their “miracle baby” because not only had Jacqueline suffered five miscarriages before his birth, but his life hung in the balance at one point during the pregnancy.

Watching Jacqueline and Chris discuss Nicholas just emphasizes how petty and ungrateful both Teresa and Melissa are for not appreciating what they have and their mutual refusal to learn not to sweat the small stuff.

Reunited or Reignited?

Teresa receives a text from Caroline asking for a few minutes of her time. Teresa says that in the year and a half that the women have been estranged, she hasn’t missed her old friend. This isn’t really surprising given how ugly things got between the two of them at the end of season 4 and at the last reunion show as well. What is amazing about Teresa is her complete lack of self-awareness. She truly believes she doesn’t hold grudges and she believes in forgive and forget. I’m guessing she must not watch her own reality show. Kim D., looking as much like a wax figure as ever, asks Teresa if she’s open to meeting with Caroline. Teresa makes it clear that she’s not in the mood for advice or lectures.

Enough Already

Rich’s non-stop stand-up routines are finally starting to wear on sweet Kathy. While she tries to teach Joseph to drive, Rich only serves as a distraction in the back seat. Kathy resents his  good guy approach to parenting while she’s left with the role of party pooper. The couple pay a visit to their daughter, Victoria, who looks stunning as a brunette, at her Catholic college. Victoria lives at home and commutes, so under the watchful eye of Kathy she’s shielded from all the debauchery higher education has to offer. Rich should travel with his own laugh track because his wife no longer appears to be his number one fan.

A Meeting Minus the Minds

There is definitely a feeling of deja vu when Caroline sits down with Teresa. The whole set-up is very similar to when the Manzo matriarch met with former cast member Danielle Staub in the season 2 finale. Unlike Danielle, Teresa doesn’t bring bodyguards. Caroline gets right to the point and tells Teresa that Joe G. asked her to come speak to Teresa. Teresa responds that he is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Teresa says her brother needs to act like a man. Caroline admits that she contacted Joe G. first. Because Caroline is not on good terms with all of her siblings, Teresa doesn’t feel Caroline is in a position to be doling out advice.

Caroline recognizes that Teresa is trying to deflect her issues onto Caroline and gives her an A for effort. However, Caroline still won’t back down. Always the victim, Teresa said she’s the injured party and her brother is the one who needs to reach out. Not only that, Teresa feels Jacqueline owes her an apology as well. As she’s said before, Teresa makes it clear that she will welcome her brother back into her life with open arms just as long as he does it on her terms.

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