It may have taken a few (okay, several) episodes for Kathryn Edwards to join the group of ladies this season on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but now that she’s here, she’s creating quite the stir. Let’s see if the ancient history between her and the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick has been put to bed for good in this episode, “Backwards in Heels.”

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A Bone to Pick

Kyle goes to Lisa Vanderpump’s for a cup of tea. But it’s not all earl grey and sunshine. Lisa has a bone to pick with Kyle. She wasn’t happy to see Faye Resnick at her barbecue, and she would have at least liked to be warned that Kyle was “letting the orangutan out of the cage.” Kyle tells her she shouldn’t hold a grudge and to get over it, especially because she’s invited Faye to their joint anniversary Moulin Rouge themed party this upcoming weekend.

That’s right, Kyle and Lisa are having a joint party to celebrate their anniversaries with Mauricio and Ken, respectively. It’s at a beautiful venue with chandeliers, dark oak bars and even a vault to lock away any naught people (Faye).

Yolanda and Erika go for a walk on the beach since Yolanda’s feeling much better after her surgery. She’s appalled to hear that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle were talking about her kids and questioning if they really had Lyme Disease or not. She can take it if people question her illness, but it really hurts her that they’re talking about her kids. Erika doesn’t want to stir things up with the ladies, but she feels protective of Yolanda and wants her to know to be on her guard.

Later, Lisa Rinna goes to visit with Erika at her home to get some advice with how to deal with Yolanda. Lisa and Yolanda are having coffee soon to discuss their issues. Lisa Rinna tells Erika that there’s been a lot of chatter about Yolanda’s illness in this town, and while she doesn’t agree with it, she engaged it and fears she had a hand in spreading the rumors. Erika tells Lisa that if she’s honest with Yolanda, she’s sure the two of them can move past this.

Kathryn goes to the gym with her husband, Donnie. She tells him his concerns about seeing Faye again at Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump’s party. She says her confrontation with her was anticlimactic, and she’s still holding on to bad feelings about being written about in her book. She doesn’t know how she’s going to handle her from now on, though, and figures she’ll take her cues from Faye.

Clearing the Air

Erika meets with her vocal coach because she has to keep her performance instrument sharp. She’s performed all around the world, but next week she’s performing in San Diego and all of the ladies are going to be there. She’s excited to show them Erika Jayne up close and in person.

Lisa Rinna finally makes her dreaded visit to Yolanda’s, but it goes fairly well. She apologizes for being impulsive and mean and talking about things she shouldn’t be talking about. She says she’s sorry for engaging in any kind of conversation about Munchausen’s and she doesn’t really feel that way. Yolanda doesn’t seem pleased, but she doesn’t seem so mad either. She says Lisa Rinna may be judging others as a way of deflecting her own problems.

It’s the evening of the joint anniversary party. Lisa and Ken have been married for 33 years, and Kyle and Mauricio have been married for 20 years. Kyle’s proud that her marriage has lasted this long, especially in Beverly Hills.

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At the Moulin Rouge

At the party, Lisa Vanderpump is impressed by Kathryn’s husband. She thinks he’s quite cute. Camille shows up, looking as perfect as ever. And Kathryn gets offended when Erika uses the C word, but guess what? Erika doesn’t give a flying eff what Kathryn (or anyone else) thinks. And then Kyle does the splits multiple times for everyone, as per usual.

Lisa Vanderpump runs into Faye and she’s cordial enough. When Kyle checks in with her to make sure she was nice to Faye, Kathryn gets involved in the conversation. She talks a whole bunch of smack about Faye to Kyle, which is unwise, considering that Faye is one of Kyle’s closest friends. She says that Faye capitalized on the death of her friend, and she thought it was distasteful then and she thinks it’s distasteful now. Kyle says that it’s ancient history, and if she has any issues she should take them up with Faye. She also can’t believe that Kathryn has the nerve to talk bad about her friend at her party. But playing nice isn’t Kathryn’s style, even though it’s not very clear what it is she’s this miffed about.

Kyle tells Lisa Vanderpump how mad she is at Kathryn. But Lisa likes Kathryn and doesn’t like Faye, so she’s not exactly Team Kyle here. Kyle thinks that Lisa should be on her side by mere principle, even if she doesn’t like Faye. She says that the last time Lisa sided with the new girl, it didn’t go so well.

Next time, the ladies get to see Erika Jayne in action! Finally, some fun!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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