In the previous episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda and Lisa Rinna “hugged it out” to put the discussion of Yolanda’s illness to an end. But something tells me that while Yolanda may be willing to forgive Lisa Rinna for the rumors she has spread, she may not forget so easily.

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Cycling for Charity

In this episode, “Spinning a Web,” Kyle and Mauricio are holding a Soul Cycle class for charity. The money they raise will go to Habitat for Humanity, and the ladies are happy to participate. Except for Lisa Vanderpump. As Kyle says, the most exercise she usually gets is from lifting her wrist up and down with her diamond watch on it.

After the workout, Kyle feels the need to stir the pot some by bringing up the only person who isn’t there: Lisa Rinna. She tells Yolanda that Lisa Rinna wasn’t happy that Yolanda called her bipolar because of her less than stable actions in Amsterdam.

Yolanda isn’t happy with Kyle for sticking her nose into her and Lisa Rinna’s business when Yolanda thinks it’s already been solved. She tells Kyle to stop talking about it and that she has “a lot of things in her vault” that she’s left unsaid. Kyle asks her if she’s threatening her and Yolanda says no, she has more integrity than that.

Lisa Vanderpump tries to support Kyle, telling Yolanda that Lisa Rinna is not happy about being called bipolar. Yolanda fires back, saying she’s still not happy about Lisa talking about Munchausen’s either. And now that Lisa Vanderpump’s involved, Yolanda tells her that she’s not happy about her bringing up her kids either. Lisa Vanderpump acts appalled, like she’d never say anything about Yolanda’s kids (when we can roll the film and see that she did). Anyway, Lisa Vanderpump decides she’s had enough of the conversation and removes herself from it, which leaves Kyle angry that she doesn’t have Lisa’s support.


Kathryn visits Erika at her home because she claims she wants to get to know her more. Erika opens up to Kathryn about how hard it’s been in her life to have female friends, but she was always close to her grandmother before she died. Erika knows there are cool girls and bitches out there, and it’s a case-by-case basis, but she’s just found she hasn’t been able to trust that many women to have as friends.

Kathryn assures her that she can be that friend to her. She asks Erika what she thinks of the other ladies in the group. She says she thinks that Lisa Vanderpump is sweet, but she knows how to craft situations to her advantage. She’s smart, but she engages from the side without leaving fingerprints and can be very manipulative.

Yolanda admits in her confessional that she was frustrated at lunch the previous day and she felt like she didn’t get her point across. So she sent an e-mail to Kyle (and CC’d all of the other ladies) about how disappointed she was in her behavior. She went on to defend her illness and say that Kyle’s “lack of compassion was not a pretty look.”

Kyle has Lisa Rinna over to talk about the e-mail. She doesn’t like that Yolanda singled her out and scolded her in front of the ladies. Lisa Rinna says that maybe she’s protesting too much and deflecting some of her other issues. She also says that it wasn’t right for Yolanda to threaten Kyle with her “vault.” She says good friends don’t store secrets to use against you at a later date. She also doesn’t feel like two minutes of her losing her temper in Amsterdam is enough for Yolanda to diagnose her as bipolar.

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An Unmerry Unbirthday

Lisa Vanderpump has Eileen, Kyle and Kathryn over for a “day after her birthday” celebration. They play with the ponies, pet the puppies and hang out in the wine house in the beautiful backyard of Villa Rosa. Everything seems so luxurious and happy.

Until Kathryn has to prove all of Erika’s fears to be correct and completely rats her out to Lisa Vanderpump. Kathryn says that Erika told her to “watch her back” around Lisa Vanderpump and “not get caught in her web” (which were definitely not even Erika’s words). Lisa is irritated that Erika would say that. She says she’s not a master manipulator and it makes her mad to hear that she thinks of her that way.

Eileen is trying to make sense of why Erika would say that, and she brings up her issue with Lisa Vanderpump in the Hamptons where she got defensive about Eileen trying to express herself (which Erika did cite as a reason for coming to those conclusions about Lisa). Lisa can’t believe that Eileen’s bringing this up again because she thought it was over. She once again is being dismissive about Eileen’s feelings and completely blowing her off and not taking accountability.

Eileen tells her that she doesn’t have to be a victim, that she’s not attacking her, just expressing herself. But Lisa just doesn’t get it. And Eileen, being the more rational and logical human being, sees that she and Lisa just aren’t going to see eye-to-eye on this one ever.

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