After several seasons of strife between the Richards sisters on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it finally seemed like they’d reached a good place in their relationship. But since Kim seemingly fell off the wagon at poker night, the tension between them has thickened. And Brandi being on Team Kim has only caused more drama for both Kim and Kyle.

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Parties, Vacations, and Family

In this episode, titled “Drama Queens,” Kyle is picking out an outfit at her own store to wear to her gay mixer. She can’t stop singing her own praises for coming up with the idea so all of “her gays” who are single can meet other rich, white ladies’ gays at this dating event. Just call her the patron saint of gay dating. I’m sure she’d freaking love that.

Yolanda won’t be making it to Kyle’s mixer because she’s going to Italy to stand next to her husband at some important charity function with George Clooney. If that sentence doesn’t sound pretentious enough, she also summons her housekeeper to help her pack. I can’t believe we have to endure a packing scene and we’re not even going to get the payoff of a group vacation.

At Lisa Vanderpump’s, Lisa and Ken are dealing with their adopted son, Max, wanting to find out more about his heritage. After 22 years, she wasn’t expecting him to want to find his birth family, but she knows it’s her job as a mother not to stand in his way. She’s already had the best parts with him as he’s grown and nothing can take that away from her.

But when it comes time to type his birth name into the website, Lisa has trouble. They adopted Max from foster care and they met his birth parents, but she’s never once uttered their name. She’s also worried about confusing Max with a new identity after he’s only known one his whole life. She agrees that she’ll fill out the form for him, but it’s still difficult.

Dissecting Poker Night

Brandi goes over to Kim’s to check on her after her week-long stay in the hospital. She says she suffered a hernia and was in a lot of pain, but now she just needs rest. She saw Kyle earlier where she admitted she took pain pills before going to poker night. Kyle says that it was a bad decision, but at least Kim is acknowledging it and saying it was a mistake.

In Kim’s conversation with Kyle, she tells her she loves her and she doesn’t want there to be trouble between her sister and her friend. Kyle gets upset when Kim compares her to Brandi and tells Kim she doesn’t trust Brandi. The two tearfully say they love each other.

But in Kim’s conversation with Brandi, Kim says she thinks Kyle was making a spectacle of her at poker night (which she previously admitted to not remembering quite clearly). Brandi says that she thinks she cares more about Kim than Kyle does. Kim is easily swayed by Brandi’s argument and she doesn’t realize how meddlesome and out of line Brandi is being. She suggests that Brandi come with her to Kyle’s mixer to try and put everything behind them. Brandi is hesitant at first but then agrees to try and make amends for Kim’s sake.

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A Little Mixer Never Hurt Anybody

Kyle is getting ready for her party and she’s just looking forward to a really fun, drama-free night.

Kim shares a limo with Brandi and her friend Mark on the way to the party. Kim thinks that Brandi and Kyle will be able to get back on track as long as Brandi stays away from alcohol.

All of the other ladies (minus Yolanda) are there with their gay friends and they start things off with a fun game where they put a celebrity’s name on their back and they have to guess who they are with only yes or no questions. Everyone seems to be having a great time.

And then Brandi walks through the door. Kyle feels awkward instantly. She tells the Lisas and Eileen that she most certainly was not invited. The last thing she wanted tonight was any negativity — and negativity personified just walked through the door with her sister.

Kim tells Kyle that she just wanted to bring Brandi so the two can get past their issues. Kyle tells her she’s shocked that Kim would bring her after the conversation they had the previous day. She agrees to be civil and says hello to Brandi but then walks away to talk to all her friends about how upset she is.

So after getting properly worked up, Kyle approaches Brandi again. She says she apologizes for pushing her arm, but she should know better than to come between sisters. Things get heated and she asks Brandi who she thinks she is. Brandi says she’s the one taking Kim’s late night calls when Kyle doesn’t want to deal with her anymore.

Kyle challenges her on that and asks what these late night calls are about. This upsets Kim, who thinks her personal issues are now going to be dragged up.

Brandi and Kyle continue to exchange jabs. Kyle says that Brandi claims to speak the truth, but all her truth does is hurt people, and half the time it’s not even true. She calls Brandi a liar (among other profanities). Brandi acts like Kyle is being a physical threat when she’s clearly not. She threatens to knock her teeth out if Kyle gets any closer to her. Kyle says she would because that’s exactly the type of girl she is. Brandi agrees with her. At least that’s something the two can agree on.

Kyle tries to appeal to Kim again. She’s getting emotional. She can’t believe Kim is just sitting there and not defending her. Kim says she’s really disappointed in how Kyle is acting tonight. Brandi tries to get between the two again and Kyle tells her to “leave, you’re not wanted.” Kyle shoots back with, “Neither are you, just ask your husband.” It’s just low blow after low blow with these two.

Kyle tells Kim that she is her sister and Brandi is not a good person. She’ll turn on her like she turned on Adrienne and Lisa. Kyle can’t understand what she did to Kim that was so bad that elicited all of this. Kim doesn’t have an answer. Kyle says in her confessional that Brandi is trying to tear her and her sister apart, and it’s working.

“You’re going to let this person come between us?” Kyle asks Kim. When Kim doesn’t have an answer for her, frustration takes over and she flips Kim the double bird and ends things with a “F*** you.” Probably not the best way to handle things, but she’s clearly at her wit’s end.

I hate to see the sisters fight. Maybe they can have a conversation (that doesn’t include Brandi) to figure things out.

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