In this week’s episode of The Originals, Klaus’ plans to procure moonlight rings for the wolves hit a few snags. Cami finds out a secret about Francesca. Marcel decides to make his big move against Klaus. And Mikael continues to appeal to Davina to bring him back to life.

Jackson and Ollie are heading to the Quarter with a bag of stones, the ones needed to make their moonlight rings. They come across a road block where the officers draw their guns on the two wolves. It turns out Marcel, with the help of Diego, compelled the police hoping to put a crimp in whatever Klaus and the pups have planned.

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Mikael Haunts Davina

Josh is loving Davina even more than usual since she forged him a daylight ring. He can now move freely about the city unencumbered by that nasty tendency to burst into flames when it’s sunny. He also can now cruise 24/7.

Davina, pensive as usual, tells Josh that since he has a ring, he should leave town. He refuses. She tells him that Marcel came to her for a cloaking spell, and that her former protector is going to make a big move against Klaus. Josh is offended for not being asked to be included in the revolution but recovers quickly. He asks if Davina helped him, and she says she did because she doesn’t want Marcel to get hurt. Not only is Davina worried about the repercussions if Klaus finds out, but she’s got Mikael lingering, causing her to look over her shoulder every few minutes.

Davina tells Josh that there are a lot of things to fear aside from Klaus, and if there’s a war coming, Josh needs to promise to make himself scarce. Sorry, Davina, Josh is easily collateral damage. He might as well be the guy in the red shirt in old Star Trek episodes.

Forging an Army

Genevieve is drooling over a few pages from Esther’s Grimoire, specifically how to forge the moonlight ring. She tells Klaus the werewolves will have enhanced speed and strength and their bites will still be lethal to vamps. Klaus breaks the news that Genevieve will be producing not one, as Elijah told her, but 100. In return, Klaus offers her the entire spellbook. Not crazy about helping Klaus build an army, Klaus reminds her that once in possession of the Grimoire, she’ll never fear anyone (including her own coven) again.

The Key

Francesca has not given up her pursuit of Kieran’s key. She feels a sense of entitlement since she is the leader of the city’s human faction. Cami denies having what Francesca wants, so the woman gives her a day to hand it over. Otherwise, their next meeting won’t be so friendly.

Cloaked But Not Forgotten

Marcel and Diego are working over Ollie and Jackson pretty good to find out what Klaus is up to. Jackson plays dumb, but Marcel tells Jackson he’s aware that he’s been meeting with the Original. He recognizes the rare stones they have in their possession, and the ingredients of a spell. When Diego threatens Ollie with a blow torch, Jackson agrees to talk as long as they let his friend go.

Elijah, Klaus and Hayley realize that Jackson and Ollie have gone missing. Klaus is confident the only person bold enough to kidnap his wolf allies is the person with the most to lose: Marcel. Since Marcel is protected by a cloaking spell, Klaus plans to use Josh as leverage  to get Davina to lift it.

He delivers Josh to Davina with a werewolf bite, which we all know is a death sentence unless Josh gets some of Klaus’ blood into his body stat. Klaus tells her he will be merciful as long as she gives up Marcel’s hiding spot. She gives Klaus what he wants, but Klaus doesn’t keep his end of the bargain. He swears Josh is good for 24 hours, and he might still need Davina. Boy, did that daylight ring bite Josh in the ass or what?

Deep Dark Secrets

Cami finds out that Kieran kept a room in a house in the city. Cami goes looking for any clues that will help her decipher the code. She finds a secret room within the closet which houses a hidden treasure trove of supernatural paraphernalia, and a box with her name on it.

A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

By the time Klaus and Elijah reach Jackson, Marcel is long gone, but he did leave parting gifts: Jackson and a whole lot of dynamite. Elijah recognizes the explosives as the same type used in the attack on the bayou. This is interesting since Marcel swore to Hayley he had nothing to do with it. Klaus detonates one of the explosives, but the Original brothers use their super speed to get themselves and Jackson out alive.

Unfortunately, the stones are most likely spread throughout the bottom of the Mississippi River according to Elijah. But, as usual, Klaus has a back-up plan, and her name is Francesca. She feels siding with the Originals is her best bet, so she manages to procure a few stones although not enough to build an army. Elijah doesn’t like that Francesca is in on their plans, but she explains her price for doing business is full disclosure. Elijah wonders what the human faction has to gain from all of this, and Francesca says she wants to solidify her allegiance to the ruling class, that it’s good for business.

Francesca says that Marcel is being especially vindictive, and she’s worried he’ll come after her or her family just for meeting with Klaus. She suggests it might be wise to combine their efforts, and Klaus agrees.

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You Always Have a Choice

Hayley finally tells Elijah that she’s supposed to marry Jackson. He plays it cool, but Hayley tells him to not be so noble for once and tell her she’s not bound by some “backwater arrangement by people she never knew.” Instead of telling her, he shows her by planting a steamy kiss on her. Two makeout sessions in as many weeks. Is it Christmas?

A Special Ingredient

Genevieve is working on the rings but needs one essential ingredient: the blood of a werewolf who doesn’t change on the full moon. Klaus offers up his. Just in case Genevieve is up to no good, Klaus warns her that if she fails to live up to her end of the bargain, the consequences will be “apocalyptic.”

They Can Take Our Lives, But They Can Never Take Our Freedom

Marcel manages to gather together some of his old cronies and warns them about Klaus’ plan. Even though Marcel’s previous attempt to take down Klaus was a debacle of epic proportions, this time around, he and the other Quarter vamps have nothing to lose. They either die fighting or from a werewolf bite. He gives a Braveheart-ish pep talk. The plan is to attack the compound from every angle, kill the witch and destroy the Grimoire.

Word spreads quickly in the Quarter, and Francesca’s sources give her a heads-up that Marcel and company are on their way. The Mikaelson brother’s first concern is getting Hayley to safety, but she refuses to budge. She wants to keep her eye on Genevieve. Francesca offers to look after Hayley. That seems like asking the rat to watch over the cheese.

Marcel and his men enter the compound, and he offers Klaus one last chance to leave town. Obviously, that would never happen, so it’s time to get rowdy. Elijah doesn’t even bother to take off his jacket.

Klaus and Marcel have a go, and in the midst of their fisticuffs, Marcel tells Klaus he got the detonators from Francesca. He swears he never went after Hayley.


Genevieve finishes the stones and says she’s done her part and now it’s up to “you.” Hayley assumes she’s speaking to her, but Genevieve, it turns out, isn’t very trustworthy. She’s in league with Francesca. It turns out that Francesca isn’t human, she’s a werewolf, and she’s ready to take back her town. A very pregnant Hayley tries to stop Francesca but is struck down by Genevieve.

All sorts of stuff goes down simultaneously: Cami figures out that Francesca’s a werewolf and tries to contact Hayley, but it’s too late. Klaus bites Marcel and then feels the effects of some spell Genevieve cast, and Francesca’s brothers lay waste to the vamps and to Elijah.

Genevieve reveals to Klaus that she linked the stones’ power to his blood. So any time a werewolf uses the rings to keep from turning, they’ll be drawing from his strength. He actually has the nerve to be offended that she would turn on him. Genevieve knew that Klaus was never going to make good on his promises to her.

She tells him that his greed has cost him everything: Marcel, his sister and possibly Hayley and the baby. He swears he will kill her, but in his weakened state, he’s no match for a powerful witch.

A Dangerous Alliance

With Klaus indisposed, things aren’t looking good for Josh. Mikael is right there telling Davina what a loser his son is, fueling her fire. Mikael says he doesn’t have much time and neither does Josh. Davina is convinced she can cure her friend, but Mikael asks, even if she does, how long before Klaus finds some new way to torment her and anyone she loves? He brags that he’s Klaus’ only worthy adversary, and he can get the blood that Josh needs. Mikael definitely makes a compelling argument.

An Unexpected Arrival

Marcel returns to the compound to see that he failed his followers yet again. Cami shows up, and Marcel warns her that soon the vamps will be blood crazy, so she needs to leave. Elijah, up and around despite his multitude of bites, is on a tear. His only concern? Hayley’s whereabouts.

The witches have Hayley, and due to Genevieve’s spell to subdue her, she’s gone into labor early. The mother-to-be finds out that her baby is destined to be an offering to the witches’ ancestor in exchange for power.

Things are looking bleak for Team Originals and could get worse if Davina resurrects Mikael. Their only hope has to be the secret weapon in Cami’s possession.¬†

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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