If you’ve been following the Glee cast on Twitter (here’s an easy way to do so if you’re not) you would’ve known that May 11 was a momentous day: it’s Cory Monteith’s birthday, it’s the day when Matthew Morrison’s debut album was released, and it’s Glee‘s last shooting day for the season. Yep, a momentous day indeed, and one that we decided to document!

First, the birthday boy:





(@GLEETV is Glee producer Dante Di Loreto. Special, special day indeed, yes?)

And it seems Cory’s having a blast:


But I’m sure it has nothing to do with Matthew Morrison’s little proposition:


Yes, sir, it’d be inappropriate. But if Schue was a Broadway star and Finn was a fan, then maybe that’d be acceptable in a rock star way? Anyway, today was also the release of Matthew’s eponymous debut album, featuring duets with Elton John and Sting, and a song co-written by American Idol winner Kris Allen. Plug away, Mark Salling:


And cue Matthew being… slightly creepy? I kid, I kid.


I bet Sue would love seeing Will get away with his “bird’s nest” of a hairdo. And yes, Matthew mentioned it: May 11 is also the Glee cast’s last shooting day. Cue our final tweet, courtesy of Lea Michele:


We can start missing Rachel when the second season of Glee wraps up in two weeks’ time.

UPDATE: They’re still shooting. And it’s May 12 already. Hello, May 12. In the words of Dianna Agron:


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(Image courtesy of Cory Monteith’s Twitter page)

Henrik Batallones

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