Is Barry’s time in Iron Heights coming to an end (but perhaps not in the way he’d like) in this episode of The Flash? Warden Wolfe is planning to sell him and the four bus metas in his custody to Amunet, but is there anything the team can do to stop that deal?

Also in “True Colors,” Ralph discovers a new ability, but the timing of it could be better. After all, who wants to have to focus on keeping it together when he’s just been reminded of the person he used to be, someone who let his friends down? And what do the DeVoes think of what’s happening in Iron Heights? Is this part of their plan or are they perhaps no longer on the same page?

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One Woman’s Window Shopping is a Meta’s Worst Nightmare

When Warden Wolfe shows Amunet his meta block, where he has Barry and four bus metas, she tells him she wants all of them. And she’s planning to collect all of them at midnight. So it’s a good thing that Cecile joins Iris when she goes to visit her husband and reads the warden’s thoughts so they know the real reason Barry’s not there rather than the story Wolfe tells of an altercation in the prison yard.  

How are they going to help Barry? That’s where Ralph comes in once they discover he has a new ability. After an encounter with his old business partner (who doesn’t think he can change and he’ll just let his new friends down), Ralph goes on a rant about him — one that includes him shape-shifting into the guy.

If he can shape-shift into his old partner, he can shape-shift into Wolfe, meet with Amunet before midnight and call off the deal, right? Easy. Sort of. He just needs to keep it together and do as little moving (so he doesn’t fall on his face) as possible.

Meanwhile, Barry doesn’t plan on letting the metas end up in the wrong hands of Amunet’s highest bidders, not with what their powers can do, and he MacGyvers his way out of his cell. He frees the other metas (and warns them against returning to lives of crime) and leads them into the sewers below the meta wing. Once they’re far enough away, their powers should return.

This throws a wrench into the DeVoes’ plans, so Marlize wants to know from her husband what they should do. To her surprise, Clifford doesn’t know. What he does know is that he hears doubt in her mind. She denies it. Once augmentation is complete, she informs him that the chair will serve its purpose and keeps him from reading her thoughts further with a song in her head. He promises to erase every doubt from her head once the next phase is complete.

Ralph struggles to hold his Wolfe shape together when he meets Norvok to get a meeting with Amunet. But with Iris, Caitlin and Joe coaching him, he manages to get through it. He even almost makes it through Amunet’s test as she wonders if he’s even Wolfe when he claims the deal needs to be delayed due to a leak to the cops. But once his body returns to its Ralph self, he has to make a run for it.

But it’s not like Amunet’s without her (real) Wolfe problems, as the warden lies to her and tells her that the metas are where they should be, even after he finds their cells empty.

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Mega Meta Problems

Since Plan A failed, what’s the team’s Plan B? Go to Iron Heights and stop the deal before it happens. But will they have to do that without Ralph? He bows out, thinking that they’ll have a better chance of saving Barry without him after he let them down with Amunet.

That’s where Killer Frost comes in to give him a pep talk since he doesn’t want to hear one from Cisco or Caitlin. She realizes what’s really going on with him. Everyone eventually leaves when he screws up. And this time, the people who would leave him are actually his friends. But as long as he doesn’t do anything worse than Killer Frost (like kidnap and stab friends), he’ll be fine, she assures him.

As for the metas, it’s a good thing Ramsey can hack his way past a keypad separating them from the old prison and the place where their powers will work. While waiting, Barry tells Becky that their powers don’t decide who they are — they do — explaining that metas don’t have to use their powers to hurt people.

However, just as the metas step into the old prison and get their powers back, Wolfe shoots a dampening cuff onto Barry’s ankle. When the other metas make moves to turn on Wolfe and his guards, the warden informs them that Barry is The Flash. He was the one to capture them in the first place and will probably put them behind bars again, he says, turning them against Barry. However, Becky steps up to defend him. Thanks to her powers, Mina, Ramsey and Sylbert end up knocked out.  

It’s DeVoe’s arrival (in his chair) that changes everything. He grabs the four bus metas with his chair’s tentacles and takes their powers before transferring himself into Becky’s body before Barry can stop him. DeVoe then takes Wolfe’s life before the warden can crawl away.

By the time Cisco and Killer Frost breach in, Becky-as-DeVoe has left, with his chair. But Barry refuses to go with them. He wants them to get him out of prison legally and speeds back to his regular (non-meta) cell.

Good News and Bad News for Team Flash

But getting Barry out legally isn’t going to be easy, is it? Cecile has no new evidence to present at the appeal hearing. But then — surprise! — DeVoe wheels in?! Hello, Ralph. Ralph-as-DeVoe tells the judge that when he was stabbed, he heard a voice say something about framing someone, and then he woke up in his own home that morning. For what’s probably the first time, Marlize tells the truth in the courtroom when she says she’s just as surprised as everyone.

It’s impossible, the judge declares, only for Cecile to point out that they live in a city with a speedster. Central City is home to the impossible. With Clifford DeVoe seemingly alive and well, Barry Allen is cleared of all charges and free.

The celebrating doesn’t last for long before Barry brings up the fact that DeVoe could’ve absorbed the powers of all the metas in Iron Heights but only wanted the bus metas’ abilities. He clearly wants their powers for something. And that means Ralph is in danger.

As for the tension between the DeVoes, that continues, as Clifford-in-Becky’s body wants to toast to their success, while Marlize argues that Barry was supposed to remain in the metahuman wing in Iron Heights and is now free. And she thought they were supposed to wait for all the bus metas to be captured, not just four of them. But thanks to the love drug meta’s tears, Clifford has Marlize right where he wants her, in love with him and dancing instead of doubting.

Did you think Barry would be in Iron Heights longer? Do you think DeVoe will get his hands on Ralph? And what do you think of DeVoe changing bodies again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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