Makeover Week is the week we all wait for on The Biggest Loser. We get to see the contestants through their full transformations, both physically and emotionally. It is always fun and it is always tearful. Plus, at the weigh-in, two contestants fall below the red line and are eliminated, revealing the five finalists who will participate in the triathlon next week.

The entire first hour is full of joy and celebration throughout their makeovers, which is a nice change of pace. Even though we have been watching their journeys from episode one, it is still amazing to see how far the contestants have come. This is the fun stopover on the way to the ultimate finale reveal.

Tim Gunn and Ken Paves, Makeover Gurus

Tim Gunn returns to The Biggest Loser with his effervescent personality, positivity and great style. He shares that his approach to a makeover is not making the person a “dress-up doll,” but it is a collaboration between them. He has a special moment with each contestant as he helps them pick out their reveal outfit. He is such a delight and good support while they freak out looking at their reflections.

Ken Paves consults with each contestant about their hair, all of whom are excited about their transformations, except for Marie.  It’s like I’m watching an episode of America’s Next Top Model all over again. She has a bit of a freak-out about Ken wanting to cut her hair short since she had a terrible short haircut as a kid. He encourages her to be brave and move on, which I think is great advice.

The Big Reveals

The contestants get to see their families and reveal their new looks to them. It is incredibly emotional for all involved, including myself. They all look unbelievable and they show off just how much they have changed throughout the show. David loses the hideous beard, Jennifer changes her hair color altogether and Marie rocks the short, platinum cut. 

Though we have followed them through their weight loss journey and know that they look significantly thinner and healthier, we have seen them solely in their workout clothes throughout the process. Seeing them in dresses and nice suits is actually a dramatic difference. They all look so great.

Where is Jay Now?

Jay was sent home last week and he was only eight pounds away from his goal weight. He still looks great and is literally back in the saddle at home while he takes up steer roping again.  It is great to see him feeling good and keeping the weight off at home.

Last Chance Workout

The trainers are always worried during makeover week because the contestants have been distracted by the pampering and seeing their families. They take the last chance workout as an opportunity to get everyone back in the game since the triathlon is next week and the finale is the week after that. 

Jillian has a heart to heart with Chelsea, who hasn’t had a lot of air time this season. She admits that she finally feels like she deserves to put herself first and wants to make it to the final week on the ranch.

The Weigh-In

Despite the concerns about the change in routine, the contestants have consistently good numbers across the board. Those who fall below the red line and are eliminated are: Marie and Tanya.

Next week, the final five contestants compete in the triathlon and the finalists will be revealed.

The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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Eva Des Lauriers

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV