The Big Bang Theory is a Comic-Con favorite. How could it not be? It’s tailor-made for this crowd of smart, dedicated fans of pop culture staples like the Star Wars movies, Walking Dead television show and Halo video game. Sheldon, Leonard and the gang have made numerous references to the convention over the five seasons of the series. So what better place for the stars to chat about their characters?

Mayim Bialik Uses Her Knowledge for Good

Amy Farrah Fowler is pretty brainy, but so is the actress who portrays her. With her background in neuroscience, physics, chemistry and anatomy, she’s bound to spot some scientific errors in the script. Most of the time, she tries to ignore them, but the writers have been known to ask her to correct the script if it’s apparent that she’s spotted an error. Call her an actress/technical advisor combo.

Mrs. Wolowitz Times Two

Everyone wants to know if the newlyweds are going to continue to live with Howard’s mother, or if they’ll break out on their own. While Melissa Rauch (Bernadette, the newest Mrs. Wolowitz) muses that any number of scenarios could play out, she’s certain it won’t be a smooth road ahead for the couple. Having your husband honeymoon in space without you isn’t what most brides dream of, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when Howard returns to Earth.

Howard Has Boldly Gone — Now What?

We know that Howard isn’t one to be humble. Now that he’s gone into space, what’s it going to be like when he returns home? Simon Helberg muses that he can see Howard taking out the trash in his NASA uniform. He’s the kind of character who can’t do something that big and be humble about it, so that’s bound to cause problems with his friends and new wife.

Penny, Penny, Penny

Penny refused Leonard’s ill-timed proposal, but they wound up holding hands in the season finale. Actress Kaley Cuoco muses that these two are always trying to figure it out, but they never get very far. They clearly mean the world to each other, but whether that translates better into a relationship or a friendship remains to be seen.

The Hand-Holding Conundrum

When last we saw Sheldon, he had actually taken Amy’s hand to hold it, not to place some specimen into it. What does this mean for the decidedly unaffectionate physicist? While the executive producers acknowledge that it’s a huge step forward for Sheldon, there are still many steps to be taken. They liken the show to a coming-of-age tale, just that the characters take a lot longer to grow up than you’d expect.

Clearly, everyone is having a fantastic time doing the show. They’re about to go back to work for the season 6 premiere on September 27, and we’re looking forward to the next step in the gang’s journey.

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