If you’re a fan of superheroes or just a fan of super-powered heroes on television, 2013 was a good year for you. (Especially if you’re a regular CW watcher.)

Not all superheroes are created equal, however. If you’re a regular watcher of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you know there are very few characters worth rooting for, even amongst the core team.

Here at BuddyTV we like our heroes to be noble, powerful and backed by a great team. So here’s our favorite super powered characters of 2013.

#7 Honorable Mention: Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead

OK, he technically doesn’t have super powers, but when you see him singlehandedly take down a tank, how can you in good conscience leave Daryl Dixon off this list?

Honorable Mention: Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead

#6 Jeremy Gilbert The Vampire Diaries

He’s come back to the dead—and so has his girlfriend. That’s no easy feat. But more than that, Jeremy Gilbert has become a true fighter and someone you can count on. No longer Elena’s whiney brother, Jeremy is somebody you want by your side. And even though he once tried to kill him, we can’t help but wonder if Jeremy will be Damon’s next BFF after the death of Alaric.

#5 Castiel, Supernatural

Now fully super-powered as an Angel again, Castiel is the Winchester brother’s best friend and best ally. He’s made a ton of mistakes in the past—but so have the boys. At this point, newly re-minted angel Castiel is probably Heaven’s best chance at stopping the civil war, as well as whatever the demons down in Hell are planning this season.

#4 Elijah Mikaelson, The Originals

While there’s tons of super-powered characters on The Originals, many of them are straight-up bag guys—especially lead, Klaus. Elijah, however, is the one who constantly wants his brother and his entire family to turn away from evil ways. While Rebekah talks about doing good, Elijah is the one trying to do good on a regular basis. He’s the noble one and on a show full of evil, selfish, arrogant vampires (and werewolves), Elijah is the one you can root for.

#3 Scott McCall, Teen Wolf

He’s a true Alpha. Scott McCall achieved Alpha status without having to kill everyone. He’s the noblest character on the show next to Stiles and he’s fought every urge he’s ever had to use his powers for evil. But more than that, he’s finally a strong fighter and while he’s got a solid team behind him, he doesn’t actually (physically) need them anymore.

#2 Russell Kwon, The Tomorrow People

Most of the heroes on The Tomorrow People have very, very similar powers. (Even if John is the only one who can kill people.) But we can’t help pinpointing Russell as our favorite. He’s a fighter, sure, but he’s also the only one who likes to joke and quip. He brings levity to tense situations and we thank him for it. Plus, unlike series lead Stephen, he hasn’t tried making out with one of his friend’s girlfriend.

#1 Oliver Queen, Arrow

Oliver isn’t necessary endowed with super powers – in fact, powers are just starting to come to the Arrow universe in recent episodes – but with the kind of archery skills he has, we can’t help but put him at the top of our list. Oliver also has some of the best teammates on this list with Diggle, Felicity and even more helping him at every turn. He’s also looking down on the nickname The Vigilante as he looks to earn the superhero name, Arrow—something that hasn’t been said on the show of course, but something that is hinted at regularly. Arrow is hands down the best superhero show on television right now and a large reason for it is because of Oliver.

Alan Danzis

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV