With only three women left on The Bachelor, Ben Higgins heads to the fantasy suit and gets one step closer to finding a wife but also makes his biggest mistake thus far this season.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

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Jamaica sets the stage for this week’s dates which involve a rafting trip down a jungle river, a preservation mission of baby turtles, a helicopter ride and lots of romantic dinners. While these dates are filled with adventure, there are also love declarations courtesy of Ben, who says the L-word twice.

Caila, who feels insecure about her relationship with Ben, finally gets the courage to say how she feels about the Bachelor, leaving Ben overwhelmed.  Lauren, on the other hand, talks about her potential future with Ben and professes her love to him. Ben’s reaction, however, will surprise viewers, leading most people to speculate that Lauren is one of two ladies who Ben says the L-word to.  As for JoJo, who is worried that her relationship with Ben will hit a snag due to her tension-filled hometown date, she and Ben have a serious talk about their feelings.

At the end of each date, Ben is expected to invite his bachelorettes to spend the night in the fanatsy suite. And while what happens behind closed doors is intriguing, Ben saying he’s in love with two women takes the cake.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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