The Amazing Race left things purposefully vague when broaching the enormously important issue of the missing sports bra last episode.  It is not imperative that we find the culprit, for there may not be one, and even if someone consciously discarded the sports bra in question off a ledge and into the abyss, it is only a sports bra – these things can be replaced.  No, what is important for fans to know is why exactly do Kelly and Christy think that Starr was the culprit and what do they believe Starr’s motives were.  This conflict, this budding feud came out of nowhere, and its impetus remains a mystery.  It is insane to me that a seemingly rational human being would accuse someone they hardly know of cruelly and inexplicably murdering their sports bra. 

Obviously, I don’t care about the feud or the sports bra.  Not really at all.  And I doubt any of you sane Amazing Race fans do either.  But, the fact that a possible ongoing feud this season began under mysterious and bizarre circumstances calls into question the direction that the producers are taking on The Amazing Race this season.  Did the producers set this whole thing up, hoping to inject some life into a season that had so far been relatively genial between teams? 

Forgive me for my interest in something so superfluous, I just can’t stop thinking about why someone would accuse a seemingly kind individual of sports bra destruction.  Starr took the bait, kind of, when she asked Aja and Ty to her dirty work for her and U-Turn Kelly and Christy.  Regardless of the reasons for the feud, whether any of the accusations are valid or not, a good lady fight makes for good television. 

The point I wanted to make this whole time is this: The Amazing Race should feature more post-leg footage.  I guarantee a lot goes down between legs on the race, and that footage would probably be more enjoyable than spending twenty minutes watching teams find flights at an airport.  How much more fun would the Kelly/Christy vs. Starr conflict be had the camera crew actually caught what happened on that ledge with that sports bra?  Then we’d know for sure if the divorced ladies are crazy or if Starr is a cold-hearted liar.  As of now, it’s just a really weird sub-plot that makes little sense.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV