Last time on The Amazing Race, teams traveled to Bavaria where they took part in all things Oktoberfest, including serving steins of beer, wearing lederhosen, and serenading each other with traditional Bavarian songs. Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson made a costly mistake when Tyler accidentally left his fanny pack in a car that they were leaving. Remember, people, no fanny packs left behind–especially when they have your money and passport!

In the end, Bergen Olson and Kurt Jordan Belcher, a blind date couple, were eliminated after Kurt convinced Bergen to endure a penalty by taking a cab. The duo’s transportation troubles continued to haunt them, as did Bergen’s feelings that Kurt didn’t have his back, and they were eliminated from The Amazing Race. So who will take the lead on this leg of the race? Let’s find out!

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The Glamorous Life

“Smells Like a Million Bucks” starts off with Aly and Steve, who won the previous leg, opening the first clue. Teams are headed to Monaco, but will be stopping in the French city of Nice, where they must locate the Hotel Westminster. Once there, they will get a fabulous fashion make-over so they will be dressed to the nines for their helicopter flight to Monaco.

Aly and Steve are the only team lucky enough to snag tickets on the first flight out, which was disappointing to Matt and Ashley. Mike and Rochelle are the final team to arrive at the airport in Munich, and take a chance by checking to see if they can be put on stand-by for the Olympians’ flight. Karma must be on their side, because they make it on to the first flight. Matt and Ashley are even more disappointed when they accidentally book a later flight and will be the last team to reach Nice. Ouch!

At the Hotel Westminster, Aly and Rochelle enjoy being dressed and getting glam in lovely gowns. Couples must pick up their clothes the next day. On their way out, Mike and Rochelle run into all the couples from the second flight in the waiting room. They congratulate Mike and Rochelle on their luck at getting on the first flight, but somehow their joy doesn’t seem genuine.

As the fittings continue, Ashley hates her dress, while Hayley thinks that Blair resembles Pee-Wee Herman in his new suit. Jackie and Jeff also take a moment to explain to Laura and Tyler, Jelani and Jenny, and Blair and Hayley how passionate they are about each other. They even kiss in front of the group. Perhaps this blind date twist has produced a love connection after all.

Chocolates and Roses

Once in Monaco, the competitors encounter a Roadblock which poses the question, “Who Wants to Treat Their Partner?” One member of the team must travel on foot to acquire two items that Princess Grace Kelly loved — chocolates and roses. They will then have to locate their team mate on a yacht in Monaco’s Harbor.

Jenny and Laura decide to work together on the task, and Jenny is prepared, as usual, with a map. Hayley is on her own, and suffering a blister from her high heels. Steve is the first to reach the yacht, and now the racers are headed to the Casino de Monte Carlo.

Red or Black?

The casino is actually breath-taking, and I must take a moment to comment on Phil Keoghan in his dashing tux. The teams will place a bet on a roulette wheel which will determine which Detour they will perform. If the ball lands on red, they will perform Don’t Slack Off. If it lands on black, they will complete Win by a Nose. Before they can begin the Detour, teams must visit the valet and pick up a Ford Fiesta.

Aly and Steve get the Win by a Nose challenge, as do Mike and Rochelle. Jelani and Jenny receive the details for the Don’t Slack off Detour. These blind Detours are a bit frightening, since you have no idea what your challenge involves.

Laura realizes that she still has Jenny’s map. While waiting at the valet, Jenny gets worried when she can’t find the map, and blames Jelani for losing it. Tyler steers Laura away from the other couple before she can say anything about the map. Jelani attempts to drive the car while still arguing with his partner about the missing map. Jenny becomes frustrated and decides to try driving. Meanwhile, Tyler and Laura decide to go by their middle names to suit their fancy new personas. Say hello to Magdalena and Hayes, everyone!

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Sniffing Out the Answer

Aly and Steve search in vain for the church that they need to find as several couples face traffic troubles. Mike and Rochelle find the picturesque location first, and start the Win by a Nose Detour. This challenge requires the couples to each craft a scent from 12 essences under the guidance of a professional perfume-maker. Some of the scents are in mystery bottles with no names. When their creation is approved, they will receive the next clue. Mike and Rochelle start to squabble under the pressure when Laura and Tyler arrive. Hayley and Blair are getting along very well, which shocks me.

The perfume task looks very difficult. Rochelle has the winning combination of scents, but Mike doesn’t. Tyler takes this opportunity to call Mike and Rochelle “a weak team.” (Tyler has been getting nasty with the other teams today.) Tyler and Laura’s scents are turned down, so they head back to the drawing board. Aly and Steve finish next, followed by Laura and Tyler. Mike and Rochelle are the final team to successfully complete the challenge.

Adventures in High Places

The Don’t Slack off Detour has racers zip line 2,000 feet above the city. They must then walk the slack line back in heavy wind. (I am having a panic attack just watching the demonstration.) Jenny thinks it is fun, as does Jelani. They finish the task first, and receive the next clue. It is the location of the Pit Stop: Plage de Passable. Ashely and Matt complete the high-flying task next, followed by Jeff and Jackie.

The First to Arrive

Hayley and Blair are the first to reach the mat. They also win a trip to South Africa. Congratulations, Blair and Hayley! Steve and Aly snag second place, while Rochelle and Mike nab third.

The Last to Arrive

Jackie and Jeff are the final team to arrive, and are eliminated from The Amazing Race. Oh, well. At least they have each other.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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