Last time on The Amazing Race, the six remaining teams performed some unusual challenges in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, including a camel beauty contest and white water rafting down a man-made course. Teams also encountered a U-Turn, and Nicole and Travis chose to U-Turn Leo and Jamal. Poor Nicky and Kim, who also had to perform a Speed Bump because they were the last team to arrive on the previous leg, were U-Turned by Timothy and Marie (Reebs).

Nicole and Travis were the first team to reach the Pit Stop, followed by Jason and Amy and Timothy and Reebs. And Nicky and Kim were eliminated from the race.

Who will take the lead on this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

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Heading to Indonesia

Nicole and Travis receive the first clue, and the teams are heading to Bandung, Indonesia. Once their flight touches down, they must find the Ram Arena. Nicole and Travis are proud of their faith and the honest way they are running the race. Reebs is already arguing with Timothy as soon as they get in a cab. Meanwhile, Leo and Jamal (the Afghanimals) are having so much fun in Abu Dhabi, they arrive a couple of minutes late for their start time. So they leave at the same time as their “race wives,” Ally and Ashley.

Since there is only one flight, the teams meet up at the airport. Travis wastes no time telling Leo and Jamal that they were U-Turned because they lied about U-Turning Brandon and Adam. Jamal asks Travis if they would have U-Turned Jason and Amy, and Travis tells them they wouldn’t have. What a friendly bunch of competitors!

Head to Head Contest

Once they reach a local village, the teams discover that they must locate a truck with two rams in the back and lead the animals to a traditional West Japanese festival. Once their rams have butted heads, they will receive their next clue. Nicole and Travis take the lead along with Ally and Ashley and head back to Bandung by train. Before their train can depart, Leo and Jamal make it just in time. Needless to say, Nicole and Travis are thrilled. Well, not really.

Timothy and Reebs experience taxi trouble, which allows Jason and Amy to pass them. I am sure that the dating couple enjoyed their moment of “taxi karma” after their former friends took their taxi in the Austrian leg of the race.

Elephant Walk

Jason and Amy and Timothy and Reebs have to wait an hour for the next train. In Bandung, teams encounter a Detour which is made up of two different challenges: “For the Elephants” or “For the Birds.” In “For the Elephants,” teams must head to a market and get watermelons, bananas, sweet potatoes and stalks of sugar cane before going to the Kebun Binatang Bandung Zoo to feed the elephants. In the other challenge, “For the Birds,” teams must pick up two love birds and transport them to a Grand Prix at an arena, where they must encourage their birds to sing. What could possibly go wrong when dealing with animals?

Misreading the Clue

Ally and Ashley initially disagree on which Detour to perform and mistakenly head straight to the zoo to find their supplies. Once they finally re-examine the clue, they race off to the market. When their cab driver refuses to let them put the sugar cane in their taxi, they think about switching. The friends argue in the car about who wanted to do the elephant challenge in the first place.

Sing a Pretty Tune

Nicole and Travis perform the “Bird” challenge, but their birds initially have stage fright before bursting into glorious song. The excited crowd re-energizes the married duo.

They find a Roadblock in Saung Angklung Udjo, which requires teams to put together an angklung, a traditional Indonesian instrument made of bamboo, and then play a complete octave. Travis has doubts about Nicole performing this task because he is the music guy in the family.

Happy Feet

When Leo and Jamal arrive, they can’t stop their dancing feet and unleash their best dance moves on the crowd. They are hilarious! Both couples have to repeat the task. Leo and Jamal complete the task first, and Nicole tries to see Leo’s angklung, so he dismantles it.

When they encounter the Roadblock, Reebs throws out their alternating system and convinces Timothy to do the challenge. Once he completes the task, Reebs takes this celebratory moment to point out how she is always right.

A Little Help from My Friends

While Nicole continues to struggle, Amy comes to her rescue after she completes the task. Travis is not pleased and tells Nicole that he is embarrassed by her performance.

The Pit Stop

The Bosscha Observatory, which houses Indonesia’s oldest telescope, is the Pit Stop for the ninth leg of the race. Leo and Jamal are the first team to meet host Phil Keoghan at the mat, followed closely by Timothy and Reebs. Leo and Jamal each win $7,500 to enjoy after the race. Good job, guys! Jason and Amy capture third place.

Ally and Ashley are the final team to arrive and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8pm on CBS.

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