If you caught the premiere of NBC’s most anticipated new drama series This Is Us, you probably spent the majority of it wiping back tears and trying to stifle your blubbering. This show is no joke when it comes to tear-jerking moments. There were so many it was hard to keep track. Instead, let’s focus on the positive moments, because there were also plenty of those. Here are seven of the most heartwarming scenes in the series premiere of This Is Us.

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1. Rebecca’s Sexy Pregnant Dance

Rebecca was feeling particularly unsexy on this year’s celebration of her husband’s birthday, considering she was nine months pregnant with their triplets. Nonetheless, he insisted she was the most beautiful thing in his life, and made her do her traditional sexy dance. It was adorable watching her stumble with that watermelon in her belly, but even sweeter to see how much Jack loved it.

2. Kevin Getting Kate to Say She’ll Lose the Weight

When we first get introduced to the brother-sister duo, it seems like Kevin is a little airy and too in his own world to acknowledge his sister’s problems. Kate begs him to offer her some sort of tough love. He acts like he doesn’t know what she wants, then actually tricks her into giving herself the tough love — which is what she needed more than anything, and he knew it.

3. Doctor K. Reassuring Rebecca and Jack

There’s got to be nothing more terrifying than going into your high-risk, three-baby labor and finding out that your doctor won’t be there. Doctor K was a dream of a substitute. Seriously, can we ask for any doctor better than Doctor K? He was sweet, funny, patient and understanding. He was also so comforting when he first met Rebecca and Jack that they soon had no issue with the fact that they had never met him before. I have expected them to also adopt him as the triplets’ grandfather.

4. Randall and Beth Switching off Soccer Games

Randall and Beth are clearly a parenting force to be reckoned with. It was sweet to see how each of them would switch off watching one of their kids’ games. It was also adorable to see how one of their daughters was a competitive athlete, and the other was more interested in lying in the grass braiding her friend’s hair. Randall and Beth loved both of these qualities in their daughters.

5. Kate and Toby Laughing Together Across the Room

The narrative of this weight support group was clearly to show how Kate was feeling about it all, exaggerating the testimonies of the group members to seem a little bit more ridiculous and hilarious. In doing so, it was really laying the ground work for how cynical and sarcastic both she and fellow group member Toby are. Watching the two of them share laughs across the room was endearing.

6. Randall Trying to Tell off His Dad

Randall is a sweet man. Obviously he harbors ill-feeling towards his biological parents that he never knew, but he’s too good a guy to do anything about it. Seeing him go and perform his rehearsed telling-off speech to his father’s face, only to accept his invitation into his home seconds later really showed us what a guy he is. Even in round two, when he says, “screw you,” he still comes back to invite him to meet his grandchildren.

7. Realizing Everyone’s Connections

It could have been shock, it could have just been the way it was put together, but wow. This was one of the best pilot moments ever on TV. Learning that Jack and Rebecca’s children are the other three main characters in the show, in a different period of time, was incredible. It was so sweet that we spent the whole episode learning what kind of adoptive parents Randall had, but without us even realizing it. It was amazing to see that their twins held a close relationship all those years later. We hope that relationship extends out to Randall as well, but we’ll have to wait and see on that.

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