While Sam and Dean Winchester may literally be #FriendshipGoals, #BroGoals and just about any other #Goals you can think of, they’re not the only two besties on Supernatural that we’ve loved to watch over the years. We once believed Bobby Singer to be a lone wolf. He was the kind of guy who always stuck to himself and didn’t bother with anybody else (Winchesters aside). He was there to help out but always did his own thing. That was until we were introduced to his old somewhat-partner, fellow hunter Rufus Turner. Over the years, we’ve gotten to see these two crabby old men kick some serious ass and have some of the best moments on CW’s Supernatural. Here are our favorite Rufus and Bobby moments.

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1. When We First Met Rufus

SPN-Rufus-Bobby-2.gif In season 3, Bobby calls Dean to tell him that a friend of his spotted that cold-hearted devil woman Bela in Canaan, Vermont. That friend was none other than Rufus Turner. Rufus was a stubborn and retired hunter who refused to get back into the game. However, as Bobby knew, he could be bought with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue, which he advised that Dean bring with him. The fact that, not only was Rufus just as grumpy and stubborn as Bobby, but that Bobby clearly knew how to break through to him was pretty sweet to see. It definitely left some of us daydreaming about the adventures these two must have gotten into back in the day.

2. When Burying a Body Together Wasn’t Even a Question

SPN-Rufus-Bobby1.gif Rufus arrived at Bobby’s door in a panic one day in season 5. As soon as he opened the door, Rufus tells him that not only are the cops after him, but he needs help burying a body on Bobby’s property. Bobby, being Bobby immediately jumped to action. When a friend needs help burying a body, you don’t ask questions. You just do it.

3. The Prison Escape

rufus-SPN3.gif Even after Bobby helped Rufus bury a body on his own property, he still covered for him when the cops showed up. Even further, after Bobby was inevitably arrested, Bobby pulled all the strings he had with the local PD to have him extradited, where he was able to “escape custody.” These two are a couple of serious badasses.

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4. The Death of Rufus

SPN Rufus 4.gif Rufus’ death was a heartbreaking scene and not just because of the actual moment that it happened. In Bobby and Rufus’ last scene before Rufus met his demise, the two talked about a case in Omaha in which it was Bobby’s fault that Rufus lost someone very close to him. Rufus tells Bobby right then and there that he’ll never forgive him for what happened that day. Shortly after, the Khan worm that they’re fighting infects Bobby and the now-possessed Bobby ends up shooting and killing Rufus. Instead of giving him a traditional hunter’s funeral where his body would be burned, Bobby, Sam and Dean bury Rufus in accordance with his faith. Bobby pours out some Johnnie Walker Blue in his honor. Truly heartbreaking.

5. Working Together to Escape Bobby’s Coma

SPN-Old-friend.gif In season 7, Bobby falls into a coma after being shot in the head by the Leviathan Dick Roman. In this coma, Bobby is haunted by past demons and ghosts that he has killed. In one of these dreams, he encounters Rufus and a ghost that the two of them had once destroyed together. Later on in another memory dream, Bobby runs into Rufus again and the two of them work together to get Bobby out of his coma and back to warn Sam and Dean about the Leviathan. Even from beyond the grave, you can’t break up this dynamic duo.


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