So, Bellamy’s in Mount Weather, which Cage is officially in charge of, and Clarke has officially taken control of Camp Jaha. It looks like we’re getting an all out war on The 100’s “Rubicon.” But the real question is, will we ever find out what the City of Light is?

The guy from Mount Weather that Clarke had given a message to last week on The 100 is quickly running out of time at the beginning of “Rubicon.” He needs to make it to Mount Weather fast or he’ll run out of oxygen. He collapses, but someone finds him and increases his air.  It’s Cage! He can go to the ground now thanks to the bone marrow! “The ground is ours,” he says. “The ground is ours.”

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Bellamy’s Mission

Jasper and the other kids are still locked in the room, but Jasper knows that he saw Bellamy. Unfortunately, it’s too late. All these guards and the doctor come storming in and take one of the kids. Jasper yells at her to stop and that President Wallace said they could go, but he’s not the President anymore. The doctor then talks about how special the kids are to them.

Back at Camp Jaha, Bellamy still hasn’t checked in. Raven’s all upset because Clarke has a guard now, but they need to get to business. Raven’s been focusing on the dam rather than the acid fog and she hasn’t made enough tone generators, which pisses Clarke off. They’re not ready. “We’ll be ready. We will,” Raven says.

Finally, Bellamy comes on the radio. He says that the Mountain Men have been taking their friends one at a time every few hours. The acid fog has to wait and he has to find them instead. “If you don’t, all of this is for nothing,” Clarke says.

Clarke was supposed to go meet Lexa, but now she’s staying at Camp Jaha. She wants to send Kane instead. He says being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight, but she says she knows and sends him anyway. Abby comes in, and Kane suggests sending her instead, but Clarke says no. Abby’s pissed that Clarke’s in charge. Also, she has a note that Jaha’s going to the City of Light.

Clarke gets back to work helping Bellamy. He crawls through the vents to try to find the others and has a handheld radio now, so Clarke and Raven help him through it. Their map isn’t exactly reliable, but Bellamy finds the way and sees the doctor drilling for bone marrow. Clarke immediately realizes what’s going on.

Cage’s Plan

When Bellamy found the doctors getting the bone marrow with Raven and Clarke listening on the radio, they hear the man Clarke sent with the message talking to Cage, but Cage is not concerned about Clarke’s message. He says that they’re going to use a missile and attack the Grounders.

The Tough Decisions

Clarke wants to go to the Grounders to warn them about the missile, but Raven thinks it’s a suicide mission. Clarke also reassures Bellamy that Octavia’s safe, but it’s a complete lie. “Bellamy can’t be distracted,” Clarke tells Raven. “It helps no one.” Then, they hug goodbye. Unfortunately, Raven later lets it slip to Bellamy that Octavia’s not at Camp Jaha.

Clarke finally makes it, but she won’t tell Octavia what’s going on. Meanwhile, a Mountain Man’s been spying and notifies Mount Weather that Clarke’s arrived. 

Clarke asks Lexa if they can talk in private. She tells her about the missile and says they need to evacuate, but Lexa says no. They’ll know that there’s a spy in Mount Weather and Bellamy hasn’t done his job yet. 

So what do they do? They fight over where to draw the line. Who gets to live? Clarke didn’t warn anyone about the missile but Lexa. She knew this would happen. “This is war, Clarke. People die. You showed true strength today. Don’t let emotions stop you now,” Lexa says. She and Clarke have to slip out and let the others die.

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Lincoln’s Return

Octavia hasn’t been listening to Indra at all this episode on The 100. She’s worried about Lincoln, but Indra doesn’t want to hear it. They need to prepare for war.

Later, Octavia and a Grounder are in the woods. They start hearing noises and split up and Octavia finds Lincoln. He breaks down and says he can’t make it. He thinks he betrayed Bellamy, and he can’t get up. Octavia tells him to get up and fight or crawl away alone like a coward.

The Attack

Cage gets ready for the big attack as Lexa and Clarke make their escape. Clarke wants to try to make them miss instead. She wants to find the spy in the woods telling Mount Weather the location and make them miss, but suddenly she sees Abby in the village. She runs back and tells her mom that they have to leave.

Kane and Indra notice that Clarke and Lexa are missing too. They want to check the words. Just then, Cage gives the order to fire and the missile launches. Abby demands to know what’s happening, but the missile lands.

Clarke and Abby wake up to chaos. They need to run, but Abby’s upset that Clarke knew what was going on and she let it happen. “We had no choice,” Clarke says. Clarke tells Abby that if she tells anyone, they’ll lose the war. So Abby says her secret is safe, but she won’t be able to wash the blood off her hands this time.

Meanwhile, Octavia and Lincoln come back to find everything in ruins. People are dying and screaming. And Clarke watches from afar.

President Wallace’s Allegiance

Meanwhile, President Wallace is still being held prisoner. Bellamy brings him his evening meal, and he turns his music up. Bellamy tells him that Jasper sent him and that they need his help, but President Wallace says that he can’t help them escape. Bellamy’s about to leave when Wallace says he can buy them some time.

When the guards come back to the room again, they attack the kids who try to fight back. Bellamy’s disguised as one of the guards, though, and gets Jasper a gun.

Later, Jasper and the kids are getting ready to fight off the guards again. They take Monty and Jasper shoots a guard. He’s wearing a bulletproof vest though, so they all fight and they take Jasper instead and search the others for weapons. 

Just then, the guards and the doctor start suffering from radiation poisoning. Bellamy’s caused a containment breach! The other kids storm them and grab the weapons. The doctor almost escapes, but they stop her. “I hope you know you’re incredibly special to us,” Jasper mimics her as she dies.

Cage confronts the President about what happened. He helped the kids. But Cage tells him that he sent the missile. Then he has the guards hold him down and give him the bone marrow to “free” him.

Where is The City of Light?

Jaha, Murphy and the followers have been searching and searching for the City of Light throughout the episode. They run into a woman who says she and her brother were on their way to the City of Light, but they were attacked and her brother died. She tells them almost nobody finds the City of Light, but she can get them there if they pull her cart. Then, she and Murphy have a moment.

Murphy and the woman bond. Apparently she did something really bad and got kicked out. Murphy doesn’t want to tell her about his past either. But then he talks about how he killed people. “I’m the bad guy,” he says. Then she shows him her disfigured hand. Her people kicked her out because of it, but Murphy tells her not to cover it up.

Suddenly, a man on a horse with a gun threatens them and the woman turns and holds a knife to Murphy’s throat. She has them put everything they have in the cart. Jaha’s still hopeful though. They’re all looking for a better life and they can find it together, but she turns him down. “What a surprise, you’re just like everyone else,” Murphy says. She whispers something to him, wishes him good luck and knocks him out.

Murphy finally wakes up. The others want to go home, but Jaha wants to keep going. Murphy knows where to go though. The woman had whispered to go due north. Jaha leaves it up to Murphy. If he’s wrong they’ll all die, or they can turn back. They decide to go. Jaha says the rest of them can decide for themselves, so half of them leave. Jaha tells Murphy that they have faith.

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