For the record, I have never dressed up in a wacky costume for any sort of convention, but I’m certainly not against the idea.  When I attended the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con and saw a guy dressed up as Mikhail Bakunin from Lost, I was slightly jealous that I hadn’t thought of the idea myself.  I didn’t see a Bakunin anywhere this year, but I did see just about every other crazy costume you can imagine.  While some people spend endless amounts of time making sure they look exactly like their favorite character from the page or screen, others don’t mind if they look slightly off.  I don’t remember Skeletor being overweight or Boba Fett being five-years-old, but at Comic-Con anything goes.

Read on to check out ten of the most interesting costumes from this year’s convention.

10.  Zombie Promoter

Somehow a member of the undead managed to crawl from his grave, make his way to Comic-Con, and start passing out cards promoting something or other.  There are tons of people passing out promotional materials on the convention floor, but none of them looked quite like this.

9.  The cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Who knows where Aang is, but at least Appa made it to the convention.

8.  Wolverine

Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con to unveil some footage from the upcoming Wolverine movie, but this isn’t him.  However, this guy is the next best thing.  Is that “Weapon X” in front of his crotch is supposed to be some sort of cheeky joke?

7.  The X-Wing Girl

This costume sort of looks like a little girl got impaled by an X-Wing, but it was good enough to win her the “Best Young Fan” award at the annual masquerade ball.

6.  Tiny Boba Fett

I defy you to find anything cuter than this in either our universe or a galaxy far, far away.

5.  The Punisher

This costume isn’t exactly crazy, but I love The Punisher so much that I had to post it.  This guy makes for a fairly good Frank Castle, even though the real Punisher would never be caught with a toy gun.

4.  Resurrected Captain America

Captain America may be dead in the comics, but he lives on at Comic-Con.  Somehow, he looks different than I remember.

3. Not-So-Skeletal Skeletor

I think that Skeletor has been visiting the Old Country Eternia Buffet a bit too often, but I suppose he has to cope with all those failed attempts to conquer Castle Grayskull somehow.

2.  Zombie Hulk

Straight out of the Marvel Zombies comic book series comes the rotting, undead version of the Hulk.  This may be my favorite of all the costumes I saw, but it’s not nearly as weird as the number one entry.

1.  Stormtrooper Elvis

Only at Comic-Con, my friends.  Only at Comic-Con.

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