On tonight’s episode of Survivor, the contestants compete in a reward challenge to see their loved ones.  One tribe member receives bad news from home but not everyone believes that it’s true.  An underdog wins immunity at a time when she needed it most.  Denise becomes a valuable player in the game as everyone needs her vote to accomplish their goal of getting ahead.  One Fei Long member and one Zhan Hu member find themselves up for elimination.  Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode of Survivor: China.

Erik’s mom, Amanda’s sister, Peih-Gee’s dad, Todd’s sister, Courtney’s dad, and Denise’s husband all come out to greet them in a series of emotional reunions.  The tribe members will be partnered up with their loved ones to compete in a reward challenge.  They must make their way through a maze blindfolded, meet in the center, and climb onto a platform together.  Denise and her husband communicate very well with one another and quickly, pull off a win. 

Denise chooses Todd and Amanda to come along on her reward.  Together with their loved ones, they will take a boat ride together, Denise will receive a phone call from home, and everyone will come back for a night at the camp.  When Todd first saw his sister, she told him that their younger sister had a miscarriage back at home.  It was a major factor in Denise’s decision to bring him along for the reward.  Courtney questions how sincere Todd and his sister were, calling it “a convenient” miscarriage and laughing about it with other tribe members.  In his interview, Todd assures the viewers that the news was true and he is genuinely concerned for his family back home.

Tonight’s immunity challenge tested the players’ physical and mental prowess.  They had to run through an obstacle course tethered to a rope and answer questions about Chinese history.  Each correct answer would give them a key.  Amanda and Todd were leading the pack but a mistake by both opened the door for Peih-Gee to sweep in and win immunity.

Back at camp, Peigh-Gee and Erik get right to work trying to pull Denise in to vote out Todd.  Todd tells Denise that he has been loyal to her and had her back throughout the game, hoping she’ll return the favor.  At tribal council, the Fei Long members stick together and vote Erik out of the game, with a vote of 4-2.  Tomorrow, Erik will be speaking to BuddyTV about his time on Survivor: China.  Don’t miss it!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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