The tribe of loved ones took a chance last week voting out Rachel with the hopes that Tyson would take himself out of the game to take her place on Redemption Island. Now it’s time to find out if they’re decision to vote off Rachel instead of one of the weaker players will pay off.

At Galang, Colton is crying about how no one will talk strategy with him. He’s worried that his game play has turned enough people off that his days in this game are numbered. Aras tries to help him calm down and try to enjoy the experience, but he says in his confessional that Colton is a poison in the tribe and they can’t wait to get rid of him.

Redemption Island

Okay, wow, a lot goes down at RI this week. First, Tyson is upset to see Rachel is the one Tadhana voted off, but he says it was a smart move. After Rachel calls out Brad for being the leader on the tribe, she tells Tyson that he is in a better position to win the game at this point and that his tribe needs him so she doesn’t want him to give up his spot.

Tyson agrees, but he stands up and basically threatens all of the loved ones (especially Brad) that he will beat them all at RI if he’s every voted off. Brad has a good point when he defends his tribe when he says that it’s not easy having to vote off someone’s loved one each week, and no matter what, enemies are going to be made.

Then Marissa pipes up, telling Brad that they should vote off weaker players to keep their tribe strong and maybe they wouldn’t keep losing. Brad gives her a smirk and says, “I’m just playin’ Survivor, babe,” and Marissa shouts back at him, “F*** YOU, BRAD CULPEPPER” which is probably the line of the season. TEAM MARISSA FOREVER.

Then Colton starts crying and says he wants to quit. Then Jeff drops a bomb: he accuses Colton of quitting the last game by feigning appendicitis! Excuse me? I mean, it makes sense that if anyone were to stoop that low as to fake a disease it would be Colton, but I’ve been going on the assumption for the last year or so since his show was on that he was really sick. I even felt sorry for the little weasel at some point!

Anyway, Colton denies faking sick (he says he was treated for a bacterial infection, mmmmkay) and says he’s for sure quitting. Tina says that he’s just mad that he’s the kind of person who quits when everything isn’t going his way. Caleb tells him he doesn’t think he should quit but says he needs to do what he needs to do.

Jeff is so harsh, I absolutely love it. He says, “there are some people who are meant to live adventures, and there are some people who are meant to sit on their couch and watch,” inferring that Colton is definitely the latter. He also points that Colton had an opportunity to come back and show the world he’s a better person, and he’s throwing it away by being a selfish child. Oh snap, Jeff!

And so Colton leaves, and Jeff doesn’t even let him burn his buff. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, C. Bye girl, bye.

Anyway, there’s an RI challenge to get to among people who still want to play. Marissa, Candice and Rachel have to stack tiles on a platform moving over trip wires and them knocking them all like dominoes to release a ball and break a plate.

Candice finishes with ease and wins another hidden immunity clue for John. Rachel and Marissa are neck and neck, and Marissa is exhausted. Each of them knock over a majority of their tiles a couple of times before Marissa finally wins it. So Rachel is out of the game.


Things are relatively drama free back at the vets’ camp now that Colton is gone. Tyson is a little sad to see Rachel go, but he tries not to let it get to him. He tries to remind himself that it’s just a game and not to let himself get consumed by anger or he’ll turn into Colton.

Kat, god bless her little soul, doesn’t understand why Colton quit. Aras explained to her that it was too hard for him to not have control and that when no one would play his game, he up and quit.


John decides to share his hidden immunity clue with Brad. I don’t know why. Something about building trust? Seems like a bad move to me.

Brad is all worked up because of what went down at RI. He claims he’s not a tyrant, but then admits to the confessional that he is in control, he just lets others think that he’s not. A real genius this one is.

Immunity Challenge

This week’s immunity challenge pairs up a member from each tribe to face off one-on-one sumo-style. The object is to use a large pad to push the opponent into the water.

This is where Tadhana is going to start to regret voting off their two stronger women. They realize this right away when Katie loses to Laura B. and Ciera puts up zero fight against Kat. Even worse, both of them go on to lose to their respective moms in the next round.

Aras is glad to face off against Vytas, because he says his older brother has always been a bully. Vytas also has incentive to beat Aras, who he calls the “golden child.” Vytas tries to pull a cheap shot after pretending to be winded, but Aras shows him up and shoves him off the platform.

Hayden is paired up against Tyson, and seems to one-hit him into the water. But it turns out he only got one hit off because he popped Tyson’s shoulder with that hit. A medic comes out tell him it’s dislocated, but the pain should get better as long as the tendon isn’t torn but he should sit out the rest of the challenge.

Thanks to Ciera and Katie’s dreadful performance, Tadhana loses the challenge and they’ll be headed back to Tribal Council for the third time in a row. I usually hate when things are so one-sided, but it’s kind of good to see Brad and the men’s decision to vote off two of the stronger woman coming back to bite them in the butt. Not to mention, Galang did lose a tribe member this week so it’s not so uneven. Yet.

Loser Camp

The five man alliance pretty much all agree that one of the women has to go home tonight. So they agree on Ciera because Katie does more around camp.

But as soon as the decision is made and John walks away, Brad tells the other guys that it has to be John tonight because he is too big of a threat. Mostly he’s worried about Candace continuing to win at RI and eventually win a place back in the game, in which case his loyalty would be to her and not him. Umm… haven’t you learned that it’s not good to vote off strong people now? You need them to win so you can keep your alliance numbers. Someone doesn’t understand how Survivor works… and his name is Brad Culpepper.

He tells the ladies that they are all voting John, but he himself doesn’t want to do the dirty work of writing John’s name down so he won’t be the bad guy. Vytas thinks this is shady behavior. Hayden throws Brad’s name out to Vytas and some of the girls as a possibility since he obviously can’t be trusted.

Tribal Council

Jeff is quick to point out the obvious: that the women were terrible in this week’s challenge. Vytas says that trust and information are the main currency in this game and it’s not necessarily about challenge performances. Brad says that’s true but not everyone can tell the truth all of the time.

The tribe makes the decision to vote out John. Ciera and Katie are shocked that they’re still there, and so are we. Jeff is, once again here to tell it like it is and points out that they just made their tribe even weaker.

Next week it’s going to be our first pair at RI with John vs. Candace (and Marissa ,whoo Marissa!).

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