With only three episodes left in Supernatural season 9, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Castiel is leading a rebellion against Metatron while Crowley and Abaddon are still having a fight over who gets to rule Hell.

The second one gets resolved this week as Dean’s First Blade curse takes on a much darker side and a major villain is killed. Something is seriously wrong with Dean. There’s also a lot of deception and the arrival of Crowley’s hilariously annoying son from the past.

Commander Cas

Castiel has taken his role of leading the angel rebellion against Metatron very seriously. He has a headquarters and lots of followers who call him “Commander.” The angel war is definitely coming. His team finds one of Mteatron’s followers named Ezra and bring him back, where Cas calls in Sam and Dean for the interrogation.

Armed with only the most simplistic reverse psychology, the boys get Ezra to spill the beans. The most important part is that there’s a portal on Earth into Heaven, but it constantly moves around and is being protected. The brothers leave, but shortly afterwards, Ezra is found dead.

Cas and Gad

Cas chats with Sam about Gadreel and determines that he’s not really a threat, just an angel seeking redemption. Cas arranges a meeting and tries to convince Gadreel to switch sides and turn against Metatron. They get attacked by angel assassins, but kill them. This attack convinces Gadreel to work with Cas and give him information about Metatron’s plans. Though it’s not shown, I suspect it’s possible that Cas staged the attack just to get Gad on his side by blaming it on Metatron.

Crowley’s Father-Son Bonding

Abaddon tracks down Crowley to make him an offer. She knows all about the Winchesters having the First Blade, but since she knows they’ll kill Crowley as soon as they kill her with it, she suggests they team up to take out the Winchesters first, and then deal with each other.

Crowley refuses, but that’s when Abaddon brings out her leverage. She went back in time to Scotland in 1723 and brought back Gavin, Crowley’s son. Abaddon knows that Crowley’s newfound semi-humanity will make him more likely to cave to save his son.

It works and what follows are some hilarious scenes in which Gavin learns that he’s nearly 300 years into the future and his dad is now the King of Hell. Gavin is about as smart as Ezra the angel, asking if you can cook a pigeon on a light bulb and assuming that Crowley and Abaddon must be angels (they’re unison “Wow” of disbelief is priceless).

Gavin is furious at his dad, but eventually learns to accept him because Crowley magically gives him the ability to read and explains that, technically, Gavin is the Prince of Hell.

The End of Abaddon

Crowley pulls a triple-cross and agrees to work with Abaddon while covertly betraying her to Dean. He helps the boys retrieve the First Blade (hidden in the body of a corpse in an extremely nauseating scene) and tells them where he is. But he uses the Winchesters’ secret code word, “Poughkeepsie,” so Dean knows it’s a set-up.

But Dean doesn’t care. He bursts in by himself to face Abaddon. She quickly uses her demon powers to push him against the wall. That’s when things get weird. Fueled by the power of the Mark of Cain, Dean is able to overcome Abaddon’s power, something even she is shocked by. When he drops the First Blade, he’s also able to use some type of telekinesis to make it jump back into his hand.

Armed with super, possibly demonic, power, Dean charges at Abaddon and stabs her with the First Blade. It’s an extraordinary shot as she dies, ending her long path of destruction and quest to take over Hell. Dean isn’t done there, however, as he pulverizes Abaddon’s dead body until blood spurts all over him. I’m definitely going with “The Mark of Cain turns Dean into a demon” as my theory.

Is Everything Changed?

In the end, the boys decide to let Crowley live, but they explain that his son has to go back to his time (where he will die on a trip to the colonies) because a small change in time travel can cause serious ripples to the present.

Crowley, however, disagrees and saves his son, letting him live out his new life in the 21st century. I can’t help but wonder if this is going to cause some major problems somewhere down the road. Maybe this is the set-up for season 10.

As for the brothers, Sam is upset that Dean didn’t tell him that it was a trap. Dean doesn’t care because the First Blade gives him calm and he was trying to keep Sam out of it because then Abaddon could’ve used him as a bargaining chip. Sam isn’t happy, but Dean could not care less. Dean is definitely going to the dark side.

Next week on Supernatural: Castiel’s angel followers take things a little too seriously and start suicide bombing.

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