Talk about Supernatural: Episode 4.20 “The Rapture” Photos

#7 Castiel’s Used Car Salesman Smile

Wynn Everett as Amelia, Misha Collins as Castiel

#6 Castiel Says Wait

Misha Collins as Castiel, Wynn Everett as Amelia

#5 Sleeper Hold and a Face Smoosh

Misha Collins as Castiel, Linnea Sharples as Lisa, Wynn Everett as Amelia

#4 Hands on Hips

Aaron Pearl as Jack, Misha Collins as Castiel

#3 Buddies?

Aaron Pearl as Jack, Misha Collins as Castiel

#2 Heavenly Father Figure

Sydney Imbeau as Claire, Misha Collins as Castiel

#1 Just Castiel

Misha Collins as Castiel

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