What happened to “you complete me?” The bromance between Harvey and Mike has been deteriorating to the point of no return over the past couple of episodes, but in “Leveraged” we see just how far Mike will go to win the Battle Royale over Gillis Industries. Mike took “Two in the Knees” at Harvey’s hand in the last episode, but this week shows he has learned much from his mentor … perhaps eclipsing the sometimes ethically challenged lawyer.

The sweet stoner of the past is so far removed from this new ruthless Mike, it’s hard to imagine a makeup session coming soon. Mike stops at nothing in this one, Jessica and Jeff have their hands full with the new SEC attack dog, and Harvey finds out that some people really, really hate him. 

Can’t We Just Get Along?

“Leveraged” begins with confrontation at every turn and not just between the big boys. This one opens with jazzy music and Donna sashaying in to see Mike and giving him the biggest verbal b*tch slap for using their private conversations against Harvey. She thought they were besties. Mike counters with, “I sent you a guilt gift.” It’s a designer bag, so she’s on forgiveness road by the time she leaves, a little drool coming from her mouth. 

Harvey pays his own visit to confront former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, Woodall. The fired SEC boss denies sending his pitbull,Cahill,in to bring down Harvey. Specter leaves knowing this guy will stop at nothing to see him fall.

Jessica puts pretty boy Jeff in charge of getting the seven TROs thrown out so that the firm can still deal with those clients. Harvey isn’t happy about being relegated to receptionist, just taking calls from clients, on this one. Jeff says, “suck it up.”    

Mike gets a little love from his investment banker boss John Sidwell. Mike bought more shares of Gillis Industries by leveraging Sidwell’s company without John knowing. “Bravo,” says boss man, “but you have ONE week to de-leverage my baby.” 

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Hitting Below the Belt

Louis is gearing up for his courtroom showdown with Mike to get the seven TROs lifted by … praying? Harvey tells him how important this is. He’s counting on the Litt man. Teacher pleaser Louis responds with the gem, “The student is about to meet the master. Ralph Macchio doesn’t stand a chance against Mr. Miyagi.” He even sports some crouching tiger, hidden dragon moves. Whenever Louis trash talks, we know bad things are coming his way and tonight’s episode is no exception.

Mike tells Louis that his one true love,Sheila, is engaged to a hottie. He even has Facebook pictures to prove it. The ploy works, throwing Louis off what little game he has. Mike adds she was probably, “scrapbooking the first day of their relationship which happened just weeks after you broke up.” Louis responds with, “You’re the devil.” I’ve got to agree with you on this one, Mr. Litt.

Harvey has that disappointed dad look when he finds out that Louis stood in front of the judge like a “moron.” Louis tattles that Mike used the Sheila news to “get into my head.” Harvey suspects a rat and discovers the FB page shows Sheila posing with a Photoshopped Lorenzo Lamas. “It took one doctored picture for you to sh*t the bed,” reprimands Harvey.

Rachel sees Louis with a cry face on at the copy machine and asks “why so sad.” He tells her about Mike’s ploy saying it was like he “stuck a knife in me and twisted it.” Now, it’s Rachel’s turn to get the disappointed mom look on her face.

Things are chilly on the Mike/Rachel front later when she tells him, “It wasn’t a lie it was a strategy.” Mike will not back down on this one. He justifies it countering with, “Why don’t you worry about all the lives Logan Sanders is going to destroy.” Bring up the old boyfriend, Mike. That always works.

Rekindling the Past

Logan comes to Rachel asking for her, uh, help. He needs her to research five companies for possible takeovers. She finds five alternatives, companies that are under-performing and ripe for the Logan touch. With the chemistry these two share, I’d say Rachel may be ready for a takeover soon, especially with Mike acting very un-Mike like.

Logan says he isn’t in the business of saving companies and says they may have to pull an all-nighter. Later, he admits she was right and needs her help to prepare for a big board meeting tomorrow. She’s eager to help. Perhaps a little too eager? They flirt, engage in cute banter, and I’m a little ready to marry them off. As she readies to leave, he wraps her scarf around her neck, touches her hair, and comes in so close. Rachel pulls away in the hottest almost kiss in Suits‘ history. 

I would give it two more episodes before they do the deed if it weren’t for those darn previews of next week’s episode.

Jessica Meets Her Match 

Jessica and Jeff fight, make up, fight some more, and then finally make a love match. Jeff is in charge of fighting SEC bad guy Cahill, but is he really? Is anyone other than Jessica ever in charge on Suits? He does a macho job fighting her bossiness and it pays off in the end. Jeff uses his former job at the SEC as leverage against Sidwell and ends up getting his way. He tells the judge about the vendetta against Pearson Specter and the judge actually buys it. Along the way, Jessica discovers that Jeff may not have been on the up and up with her when he came in their firm demanding a job. He may have forgotten to mention that he was about to be fired. Oops! He performs the ultimate save by saying he was being let go because he wouldn’t go after Jessica. Boss lady believes him for now, showing up on his doorstep bearing DVDs.

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Score One for Louis (sort of)

Mike goes to his old friend, corporate raider Mr. Giannopoulos for the money he needs to buy Gillis. The billionaire tells the young ‘un to get the hell out. Mike leaves dumbfounded until he sees Louis sitting in the waiting area gloating. Louis says, “My actions have consequences. So do yours.” It seems Mr. Litt told Mr. G that Mike’s the reason he lost his right hand man. The expression on Mike’s face is priceless. Well played, Louis, well played. He adds, “The only thing more satisfying to investment bankers is sticking it to someone who stuck it to them.” You know when Louis does something right for a change and gets a victory but then he does something not so smart and said victory turns to defeat? More on this in a minute.

Donna tells Harvey about Louis’ success. He’s unimpressed in typical Harvey fashion. Donna pushes with, “I want you to tell him he did a good job. Just remember that when Louis asked Sheila to marry him, you were the one he picked to be his best man.” In other words, Harvey, go pet the dog.

Mike Goes for the Knockout Punch

Mike will not stay down for the count. He approaches billionaire financier Charles Forstman, a man who hates Harvey so much he’s willing to give away millions to see Mr. Specter fall. He offers Mike 230 million even though the young man only needs 80. Oh, these rich people. One catch because it is Suits. Mike has to cut his boss Sidwell out of the deal.

Mike confides in his assistant Amy who has taken on the role of Mike’s conscience. She is pretty fierce in “Leverage” giving Mike good advice and trying to bring him back to his former moral compass. Amy tells him he “can’t screw Sidwell.” Mike’s look says, “Oh, yes I can.”

Mike tries to kiss and makeup with Louis but his former friend isn’t biting. Mike reveals his Harvey enemy coup with Louis realizing he really messed up. Again. Before leaving, Mike says, “I’m not as much of an asshole as you think I am.” Oh, yes you are Mike.

Target: Harvey Specter

Is it possible to feel sorry for Harvey? He’s more compassionate (hyperbole?) than usual, telling Louis that he did a good job on the Giannapolous deal. Louis confesses that he really messed up giving Mike the idea to hit up Forstman. Harvey is disappointed again, telling Louis to quit letting his emotions rule his actions.

Louis says, “I’m emotional. You’re cold. You’re loved, and I’m hated.” 

Harvey’s got an answer for everything. “Louis, if I was so cold I wouldn’t have come here in the first place.”

Harvey’s woes continue when we find out that Cahill’s true mission is to dig up dirt on the lawyer. He wanted the firm to get him to drop the TROs. This guy is good –too good. Has Harvey met his match? 

No Turning Back

In a surprise to no one, we see Mike slo-mo walking to Forstman’s office. They shake hands, sealing the deal to get Harvey — I mean — acquire Gillis Industries. Mike sinks even lower when we see him shake Sidwell’s hand to say goodnight with Amy watching with a judgmental stink eye. 

Harvey pays Mike a visit, warning him about Forstman. He says “getting into bed” with the billionaire is a mistake. Mike says you would do the same thing.

Harvey confesses that, “When I was younger, I made a shady deal with him.” Mike says he has no choice. Harvey ends with, “You always have a choice.” 

“Leveraged” showed us a new and not-improved Mike who will make a deal with the devil to get what he wants; Rachel seems almost ready to seal a deal with her ex; Harvey is threatened from all sides; and Jessica is ready to mix business with pleasure. What did you think about Mike’s actions? Can Marvey ever recover and just be friends?

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