In the previous episode of Stitchers, a new case kept Kirsten from stitching into Ed’s memories until it was too late and he could no longer be stitched. But Maggie told Kirsten that she may be able to find answers among Ed’s possessions, all of which now belong to Kirsten. Meanwhile, Detective Fisher joined the team and we learned that the last stitcher is in a coma because something went wrong during a stitch.

In the third episode, “Connection,”  Kirsten and the team investigate the case of a newlywed who may have been murdered by her husband, and Kirsten makes it her mission to prove the man’s innocence. Meanwhile, Kirsten’s intense reaction to the stitch makes Cameron worry that she could end up like the previous stitcher, Maggie keeps something from Kirsten, and Camille and Linus grow closer.

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Kirsten Gets Too Involved

Kirsten and the team are asked to look into the murder of newlywed Lilly Ross. Her case has similarities to a rash of tourist robberies, but this is the only one that led to a murder and they need to know if it is connected. Like the police, Kirsten assumes Lilly’s husband is guilty, since that is usually the way it goes with cases like this. And the information Kirsten gets from stitching into Lilly’s memories seems to back up that theory.

Once in the stitch, Kirsten sees Lilly’s husband, Scott, leave Lilly alone just before her murder. He lies to Lilly about leaving his phone behind at the restaurant, as Kirsten sees that he actually has it on him the whole time. Lilly’s memories are a bit scattered due to head trauma, but Kirsten sees the couple fight and she sees Scott with an envelope full of money he could have used to hire someone to kill Lilly. Yet Kirsten’s brief trip into Lilly’s mind has her convinced that Scott is innocent.

At the police station the next day, Kirsten is annoyed that Fisher is not asking Scott the right questions to prove his innocence. Fisher points out that he cannot ask Scott about anything Kirsten learned through the stitch because then he will have to explain how he got that information. When Fisher is called away, Kirsten goes in to question Scott on her own.

Kirsten asks Scott about the insurance policy he took out on his wife before her murder, and Scott says they both took out policies to protect each other. Kirsten asks why Scott was hiding money from Lilly and he explains that he was hiding it away to buy her a present. Kirsten realizes the necklace Lilly was wearing when she was murdered was the present Scott bought her with the envelope of money. Scott wants to know how Kirsten knows so much about his relationship with Lilly and he refuses to answer any more questions without a lawyer.

Fisher pulls Kirsten out of the interrogation room and asks her what she was thinking impersonating a cop, but Kirsten insists she never said she was a police officer. He asks why she is so convinced of Scott’s innocence, and Cameron explains that Kirsten has residual emotion from the stitch. Cameron says that Kirsten is experiencing traces of Lilly’s emotions for Scott. Kirsten tries to explain that Lilly knew Scott and there was no animosity in their relationship, but Cameron gets frustrated and says that things can get heated in relationships and people can get hurt. Kirsten realizes he is no longer talking about Lilly and Scott, but he refuses to say any more.

Kirsten and Cameron Act as Bait

Kirsten stitches into Lilly’s memories again and learns that Scott’s story checks out. He did use the money he was hiding from her to buy her that necklace. Kirsten also learns that she misinterpreted something from the first stitch and they were not having an argument at all. Unfortunately, Kirsten is not getting the information she needs and time is running out for her to bounce out of the stitch. Kirsten stays in as long as she possibly can and learns that a car drove Scott and Lilly to the pier where Lilly was murdered. Cameron yells at Kirsten to bounce out of the stitch and she finally does, with only seconds to spare.

They look into the driver who took Scott and Kirsten to the pier but his alibi checks out. Kirsten decides to question Scott again because she thinks she can get him to talk. When Kirsten questions Scott at his hotel, he continues to wonder how she knows all that. Kirsten asks about the car that took Scott and Lilly to the pier, and Scott says the hotel concierge arranged their ride. Scott blames himself for Lilly’s death because he left her alone in order to sneak off and call the hotel to ask them to send a bottle of champagne to their room.

Cameron shows up at the hotel and Kirsten tells him what she learned about the concierge. Kirsten says that Lilly looked like a target the day she was killed because of all the jewelry she was wearing, so Kirsten decides to turn herself into bait and Cameron plays along. They use the program’s credit card to buy a lot of expensive jewelry and ask the concierge to get them a car for the night. When the car arrives, Kirsten recognizes the driver as the same man who drove Scott and Lilly. He drops them off at the pier without robbing them, but shortly after he leaves, they are approached by a man with a gun.

Cameron Saves the Day

The gunman takes Kirsten and Cameron somewhere secluded, and Kirsten figures out that he is working with both the concierge and the driver to commit these robberies. When the robber gets distracted, Cameron is able to knock him out. The police arrive and arrest the robber and the concierge, and put out an A.P.B. on the driver. Fisher compliments Kirsten and Cameron on their work but cuts Cameron off when he tries to suggest they should get a beer together sometime.

Scott thanks Kirsten for her help, and she reminds him of a saying he shared with Lilly. Later that night, Kirsten asks Cameron if this is what love is like — an intense connection followed by a heartbreaking loss. She asks if it’s worth it and Cameron says he does not know.

Marta’s Condition and Maggie’s Lie

Cameron’s overreaction at the police station and his constant concern for Kirsten are clearly related to what happened to Marta, and this episode hints at the possibility of a romantic relationship between Cameron and the previous stitcher. Is history repeating itself when it comes to Cameron and Kirsten? And what will happen now that Marta has woken up from her coma?

Early in the episode, Kirsten finds a picture among Ed’s belongings. The picture is of Ed and her mother, but part of the picture has been ripped off. Kirsten goes to Maggie with the photo and asks her if she knows what the connection between Ed and her mother was. Maggie explains that Kirsten’s mother helped Ed and her father create the Stitchers technology. But Maggie acts like she has never seen the photo before when this is clearly not the case.

As the episode ends, we see Maggie take out the ripped portion of the photo that shows that she was the person ripped out of it. Who sent Maggie her portion of the photo? Was it the same person who sent the photo to Ed? Was it a threat? And why did both parts of the picture have “remember” written on the back?

Other Happenings

— Throughout the episode, Camille and Linus continue their flirtation. I do not understand what Camille sees in Linus, but they end up sleeping together. They also discuss their friendships with Kirsten and Cameron, and realize that they do not know much about their so-called friends despite all the time they spend together. I am pleased that Camille actually considers Kirsten a friend, but it is still unclear what Kirsten thinks of their relationship. They are still living together, so I guess Kirsten was not so upset by Camille’s betrayal that she wanted to move out.

— Aside from the picture, Kirsten also finds a tape in Ed’s belongings that he made for her when she was a child. Back then, Kirsten threw out the tape, but this time she plays it. She listens to Ed’s voice as he reads her some of her favorite stories. Kirsten’s stitchings are clearly having an effect on her and how she relates to people around her, but is there another purpose to introducing the tape Ed made for Kirsten? Could there be some hidden message on the tape?

What did you think of this episode of Stitchers? Is Maggie right that Cameron does not trust her? Are you happy Camille and Linus hooked up? Do you think Cameron and Kirsten are heading in that direction or will Marta put an end to that possibility? Why is Maggie keeping her connection to Ed and Kirsten’s mother a secret? Why is it so important for her to keep Kirsten and the others in the dark regarding what she knows about the Stitchers program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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