On the last episode of South Park, we got a little dose of girl power when Wendy, after a host of hullabaloos (Cartman taking a crap at his teacher’s desk to intentionally get detention, having his mom come over Wendy’s house to make her promise not to fight him, etc) finally decided to fight the “fat, little lump.”  The episode called “Breast Cancer Show Ever” brought the issue to the fore the only way South Park could: Cartman’s insensitivity toward the “tit*ies cancer” awareness campaign.

On tonight’s episode of South Park called “Pandemic,” the boys decide to be entrepreneurs and take advantage of the misfortune of others.  They are short of capital, however, so Cartman and the rest had to seek the help of Craig, who had $100 to spare thanks to his grandmother’s birthday gift to him.  Craig is a little apprehensive of the offer, though, because of Cartman’s less-than-peachy traits and their rather confused relationship.  Their little get-rich-quick scheme (“How would you like to turn that $100 to $1000?) is the central theme to this episode.

Cartman is seen as one of the more businessman-like in the group, such as his “revenge” business on “My Future Self and Me” and milking off the Christian crowd at a concert by tweaking popular love songs and turning them into Christian tunes.  Moreover, he also made a pitch to Congress about stem cell research when Kenny died way back in season 5.  Then again, Kenny always dies.  Speaking of injuries, Cartman’s harsh wounds from last episode’s rabid fight seemed all healed up. Few people care to hazard a guess regarding what outlandish scheme the boys are up to this time.

You can catch this new episode of South Park tonight at 10pm on Comedy Central.  “Pandemic” will have multiple reruns throughout the week, 12am Wednesday, 10pm and 12am Thursday, and 11pm Sunday.

-Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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