I wonder what surprises Sleepy Hollow has up its sleeve (or Ichabod’s fashionable coat) in this week’s episode. Last time, Ichabod was able to outsmart Moloch and Ichabod’s own son Henry, who is not just a sin eater, but also the Horseman of War. Ichabod freed Abbie from purgatory with the help of Abbie’s sister, Jenny. Oh, and there was a bit of help from Benjamin Franklin courtesy of Ichabod’s memory and some newly discovered documents that aided in the rescue, too. I am still trying to bleach my eyes (figuratively speaking) to remove the image of Benjamin Franklin as a nudist. Yikes!

This week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, “The Kindred,” follows Ichabod and Abbie on their quest to rescue Katrina from the Headless Horseman.

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A Bloody Ritual

We are off and running as the Headless Horseman brings Katrina to some type of candlelit altar in the woods. Henry is there to complete a ritual that will bind Katrina and the Horseman (Abraham) in every way. Just as they are about to cut off Katrina’s head, Crane wakes up. 

Crane discovered in the Codex Tchacos, one of the lost Gospels of the Bible, that the Horseman takes a human bride through a gruesome ritual. Abbie doesn’t think that Martha Stewart would agree with these standards, and poor Crane is once again confused by how the sacred vows between a man and woman has become a booming business.

One Tough Cookie

Abbie and Crane try to pin down the Horseman’s location since his family owned a lot of land in Sleepy Hollow. Crane tries to get in the mindset of Abraham, the man who still loves Katrina.

Abbie is called in to meet with the new sheriff and Captain Irving’s replacement. Sheriff Reyes, it’s safe to say, is not happy that Abbie missed roll call, and she seems pretty well-versed in Abbie’s career. It turns out that Reyes actually responded to some calls at Abbie’s house when she was a young child. Reyes is a tough cookie, and she is determined to bring sanity back to Sleepy Hollow. Umm … good luck with that!

Crane thinks that Abraham might have brought his former fiance back to the place where they became engaged — Willow Point, which is now Dobbs Ferry. On the road there, Abbie voices her concern that they not lose sight of stopping Moloch. When they arrive at the home, they find the makings of the ceremonial altar outside.

Franklin’s Monster

Abbie and Crane go to the cabin to hash out a plan with Jenny. Crane shows Jenny a picture of the “Kindred,” which is a creature assembled from parts of dead soldiers. It turns out that the Kindred could be a match for the Horseman of Death. Benjamin Franklin also had drawings of the creature in his sketchbook. 

According to Franklin’s notes, Washington went to the Sisters of the Radiant Heart for a spell to create the Kindred. Franklin’s job was to assemble the body parts. All their work was for nothing because without a vital ingredient — a body part from the Horseman — they couldn’t raise the creature. Since they have the Horseman’s head, Ichabod, Jenny and Abbie could bring the monster to life. I am not-so-sure that adding another monster to Sleepy Hollow is a good idea.

A Wild Plan

Henry has a little meet and greet with an unhappy Moloch, who orders him to carry out his mission and not fail again. Abbie is not enthused about creating a monster, and Jenny is not happy that the Horseman could end up with his missing head. The only person jazzed about this plan is Crane, and even with the risks, he sways the sisters to his view. Abbie goes to see Irving to find out where the head is, while Crane decodes the rest of the instructions. Jenny still has reservations about trying to save Katrina again.

New Beginnings

Abraham puts a necklace on Katrina and she can see him as he once was. Abraham points out how Ichabod rescued Abbie after she was in purgatory for mere hours, while Katrina languished there for years. Abraham then delivers the best news ever — that Moloch has a plan for them both. Katrina tells the Horseman she will never go along with the plan, but that doesn’t faze Abraham. 

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Insanity, Please!

Abbie goes to see Irving, and he is not doing well in prison. He reveals that he put the Horseman’s head in a savings deposit box at the bank. What a genius idea! Abbie urges Irving to consider an insanity plea so that he can be placed at Tarrytown Psychiatric. Irving listens to Abbie and takes a polygraph, telling Reyes and the examiner that a demon possessed the people he claimed to have murdered. Reyes plays hardball and tells Irving that her friends at Tarrytown have lots of new therapies to try on him. I am certainly not getting a good feeling from the new sheriff.

Jenny’s in the Cell Block

While Jenny goes to the archives to retrieve the stash of weapons, she is discovered by Sheriff Reyes, who arrests her. While Abbie and Crane try to sweet-talk Reyes, Jenny states that she took the guns without Abbie’s knowledge. Reyes also has doubts about why the police department needs an Oxford history consultant. It sounds like Crane might be in the market for a new job.

Tales from Purgatory

While Abbie and Crane search the tunnels to find Franklin’s monster, Crane asks Abbie about purgatory. She tells Crane how she was almost stuck there forever when she almost drank the water from the imposter Crane. Abbie is scared because her greatest weakness is actually the faith she has in Crane. They finally locate the Kindred and it is, well, pretty gross looking.

Meanwhile, Abraham is lying in wait to kill Crane in the mansion. Katrina convinces Abraham that she had wanted to marry him a long time ago, but his impatience forced her into Ichabod’s arms. She begs for time and a chance to accept their future together, of her own will. Abraham gruffly agrees.

A Daring Plan

Although Crane places the Horseman’s skull with the Kindred and recites the text, nothing happens. Finally, he repeats the text, and the Kindred rises. While Abraham and the Kindred fight, Ichabod goes to fetch Katrina. He is stunned when she insists on staying behind since she believes that she can find out what Henry and Abraham’s plans are regarding Moloch. She also wants to try and redeem their son. Good luck with that one, Katrina. Ichabod and Katrina unite for a passionate kiss.

The two fighting soldiers are joined by Henry’s own monster — perhaps a Kindred of his own This part is a bit confusing. Abbie and Crane escape and leave the fighting monsters and Horseman behind.

Irving Signs a Deal

While Abbie visits Jenny in lock-up, Reyes goes to visit Irving at Tarrytown. She wants answers about what is going on in Sleepy Hollow. Henry shows up as Irving’s attorney with an injunction against all involuntary treatments. He gives Irving a pen that causes him to stick his finger, and blood drips onto his signature. That can’t be good.

What did you think about this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow? Will Abbie and Crane recover the Horseman’s skull? Will Katrina be able to stay safe? Tune in next time to find out!

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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