Clary and her Shadowhunter posse manage to track down the Mortal Cup at last in this episode of Shadowhunters, “Major Arcana,” but it’s of course not as easy a task as it seems. Meanwhile, Simon is struggling with possibly becoming a vampire, and Luke is under investigation at the NYPD.

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Finding the Cup? Clary realized in the previous episode of Shadowhunters that her mother had hidden the Mortal Cup in a drawing, and she reveals to the others that she thinks it’s in a hand-drawn tarot card of her mother’s in this episode. At first, they fear that the set of tarot cards is with Dot, who might’ve had it when she was taken by Valentine and his people, but Luke quickly lets them know that he has the set back in his desk at the police station.

So the next morning, Luke, Clary and Jace go to the NYPD precinct, though only Luke goes inside in order to draw less attention to them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work out so well because while Jace and Clary wait outside, Luke is stopped at his desk by Vargas, a fellow officer, and a man named Fisk from Internal Affairs.

With his apparent super-sight, Jace is able to see the badges of the people leading Luke through a hallway visible from where he and Clary are outside, and he can tell that they’re just IA agents and not Circle members. Using glamours, they make their way into the room where Luke is being questioned, and Fisk is unable to see them when he goes to leave to get Luke’s requested lawyer.

They turn off the camera in the room, and Luke explains that he’s under investigation for murder. Since he can’t leave, he tells them to go get the cards in his desk drawer and to assume that everyone has the Sight just to be safe.


Since using a glamour will not work if some people in the station have the Sight, Clary instead creates a distraction when they get to Luke’s office by putting on a show of accusing Jace of cheating on her in front of the agents in the room, including Vargas. While the police briefly detain him, Clary discovers that Luke’s desk has been cleared out, which Vargas explains is a result of the investigation. 

However, when Clary makes up a story about needing a spare key she had in the desk, Vargas also explains that all Luke’s stuff is in an evidence vault upstairs. Oh, and she also likes bad boys like Jace too, in case we or Clary were wondering.

Alec and Izzy are called in as backup, and the team tries to determine how to get into the evidence vault without the use of glamour. Eventually, it’s decided that Izzy and Alec will create a distraction and give them a signal, and Jace and Clary will make their way to the vault, hopefully without detection.

Jace and Clary find themselves in an elevator, and Jace assists Clary with adding a rune to herself that will allow her to have night vision. This comes in handy when, after Izzy coaches Alec on flirting with a cop to distract her and get her ID badge, Izzy manages to shut down the electricity in the building. With their special vision, Clary and Jace are able to climb into the elevator shaft and make their way to the evidence vault.

Luke’s Investigation

Elsewhere, Luke is free to go after a preliminary investigation, but Fisk tells him not to go far. He actually doesn’t go very far at all before things get complicated again, when he finds the dead body of Vargas in a closet off of what I think was his office.

Fisk mentions to Luke that his friends have a way of ending up dead — wow, insensitive much? Anyway, since Fisk had just seen Vargas 45 minutes or so before, while Luke was still being questioned, he has an alibi. But then Luke hears Fisk and Alaric talking, and it actually appears that Vargas has been dead for a few hours.

Luke tells Alaric to check the body for venom, and it turns out it’s there, and Luke determines that the body found is actually that of a shapeshifter. From what I understand, this means Vargas is still out there somewhere, so Luke puts his pack on the lookout for her.

On the Run

In the evidence vault, after hiding briefly from a guard, Clary and Jace find the box of things from Luke’s desk. After getting sentimental for a bit, she finds the tarot cards, but when she goes to touch the cup on one of them, it doesn’t become real the way she expects it to.

When Clary, Jace, Alec and Izzy meet up outside, Clary explains that they have the card, but not the physical Mortal Cup yet, though she doesn’t know why. But they have more immediate things to worry about because the demon-sensing necklace Izzy wears is pulsing, and they are surrounded. 

Clary is attacked by an old woman, who is actually a demon, as they’re leaving, but Jace saves her and they all have to run before more come after them. Inside (the precinct? a nearby building?), Alec tells the others that he’ll hold off the creatures while Jace and Izzy get Clary out of there. Eventually, Izzy goes on ahead while Jace and Clary have a quick heart-to-heart involving Clary thanking him for all he’s done in the dark passageway, which seems like odd timing, but okay.

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Clary Steps Up

Just as Izzy, Clary and Jace decide to split up, a Shax demon attacks Jace, but he manages to fight it off. Clary is super freaked-out about going it alone, but Jace makes her, and she eventually finds herself face-to-face with several of the “bloodhounds of the Shadow world.”

Clary pulls out the Mortal Cup card as she’s about to be attacked by several of the demons and manages to make the thing become three-dimensional to wield off her attackers. They then go away? Or something? It’s not totally clear, but she’s able to escape into another room, where she finds Jace again.

Only, it’s clearly not Jace but rather a shapeshifted version of him, which I think is obvious right away, but it takes a few exchanged words with him to realize. When he tells her to give him the Cup, she figures it out and stabs Shapeshifter!Jace, killing him.

The Big Moment

Clary eventually does find Luke and Alec, and Luke is able to answer a personal question to convince her that he’s really Luke. He has the pack on the lookout still, so they make their way back to the Institute with the Cup.

Jace is there, and he and Clary embrace when they see each other. She explains about the shapeshifter version of him, and he asks how she knew it wasn’t him. “I do listen to some of what you tell me,” she says, noting that it’s all in the details. Then as he’s about to ramble on about something, Clary kisses Jace, which I’m sure is the moment all Clary/Jace shippers have been waiting for. But Alec and Izzy are watching nearby, and it’s clear that it’s not a moment Alec has been waiting for.

The Trouble with Simon

Meanwhile, poor Simon is seriously suffering in this episode and really not getting any help from his best friend to deal with the situation. He sleeps with the girl who has a crush on him, only to have a weird vision of her turning into a Clary who wants him, so he manages to call the poor girl by Clary’s name during their morning pillow talk instead. Ouch.

He freaks out and leaves, then spends the rest of the day or so trying to figure out what’s happening to him. He thoroughly weirds out a staff member at a coffee food truck, where he eats a garlic bagel with extra garlic and, thankfully, doesn’t die or anything. But he does have a weird vision of the coffee in the individual press left on his table turning to blood, which clearly isn’t a good sign.

Simon tries to call Clary several times, and she either doesn’t pick up at all or briefly talks to him before Jace makes her hang up, so she’s no help. Meanwhile, the girl he slept with, Maureen, contacted his sister, Rebecca, about how weird he was acting, so she and his mother go all Intervention on him later that day.

They think he’s on drugs, and he manages to explain that he thinks he has a “disease,” before the two manage to pull focus completely from him to argue with each other instead. In his frustration with them not listening to him, he smashes his desk, to the total shock of his family. 

Blood is Stronger Than Love

Apparently, Simon’s mother and sister leave him alone after that because he’s alone in his room when he tries to call Clary again and has to reveal that he thinks he’s turning into a vampire via voicemail. I mean, I know she’s busy and all, but wow.

Simon then has a weird vision of Camille on his bed and taunting him while he’s looking at himself in the mirror, telling him that blood is stronger than will, stronger than love even, and he has another freak-out moment in which he smashes the mirror in front of him. He really doesn’t need that seven years of bad luck, but too late for that now.

When his mother and sister return to knock on his door later, he doesn’t reply, and they open the door to reveal the room in shambles. Rebecca goes to the open window and seems to realize that that’s how he left. Do you think the NYPD will be out looking for him? And will that involve certain Circle members in the department?

Simon, as it turns out, goes back to the DuMort hotel where he was held by Camille, demanding answers. He asks her if he’s becoming a vampire, and she tells him he’s not; he just has her blood running through his veins that has some strange side effects. Simon is visibly relieved by this news and says that means he’s still human. Camille replies that he was, before attacking him again — and, man, that boy can’t catch a break, can he?

Will the Shadowhunters have to save Simon again so soon? We’ll just have to keep watching Shadowhunters if we want to find out!

Shadowhunters airs every Tuesday at 9pm on Freeform.

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