There’s nothing more exciting than a midnight premiere of a cartoon series, especially one from Sealab 2021‘s Matt Thompson.  The new Adult Swim show is actually a spin-off from Thompson’s other well-known work, Frisky Dingo.  Its widely anticipated third season hasn’t been aired yet, but the series creators came up with a solution.  Just this weekend, Adult Swim launched the first two episodes of The Xtacles

For those new to Frisky Dingo and its crazy universe, the series revolves around the clash between two characters: Supevillain Killface and the superhero Awesome X.  The humor of the show comes from its parody of superhero and action movie clichés.  It’s here that we first get to know The Xtacles, a private army led by Awesome X’s alter ego, Xander Crews. 

The Xtacles follows the exploits of the team as they deal with their problems following the abduction of their leader.  Their missions come from President Stan, who has also been seen on Frisky Dingo.  In their bulky robotic suits, The Xtacles decided to turn their back on Xander and instead become their own team, residing in a flying aircraft carrier called the Xcalibur. 

Two episodes of The Xtacles have already been launched, one after the other.  The first was titled “Operation: Mountain Punch” where we first witness the situation of our protagonists, abandoned by Awesome X.  The next episode is “Operation: Murderous Conclusions,” in which President Stan calls upon the team to investigate his violated statue. 

The Xtacles features the voices of Marshall Bell as acting leader Jack Taggart, Rachael Harris as the competent but holographic A.L.E.X., Michael Ian Black as Chase Fontaine, and Matthew Stanton as the youngest Xtacles member, Joseph Bigsby.  Stuart Culpepper also appears as President Stan, who is forced to rely on The Xtacles for help.

Below is a preview of the new episodes of The Xtacles, which proves to be capable of bringing in enough audiences as Sealab 2021 did.  However, it’s a different story altogether.

Matt Thompson isn’t new to Adult Swim cartoons, for which he’s greatly known for.  He has worked with Adam Reed for Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo.  On both shows, he is credited as a director, producer, writer and voice director.  With such dedication to his projects, there’s no doubt that he brings the same zest to his recently launched brainchild, The Xtacles.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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