If you’re thinking that the cast for the Twilight sequel New Moon is very much confirmed, think again.  Sure, there aren’t really any major character changes—nobody exactly dies, and only new people are being wheeled in—so there’s a reason to presume that the cast will basically stay the same.  Ask Sarah Clarke the same thing, though, and she’ll say the complete opposite.

“You know, they still haven’t told me [whether I’m on board,]” she said.  “They’re being so secretive about it.  They know I’m doing press for [new television series] Trust Me, so they haven’t told me anything yet.  I think they don’t want anything to get out.”

Nevertheless she’s pretty much preparing for the role that she’ll possible reprise, that of Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) mother, Renée Dwyer.  “The mother is such a strange role,” she said.  “My instincts as a mother would never jibe with half the things Renée does … Even with the first book, I remember reading that the mother was always on the phone, whining.  What’s interesting in that?  Luckily, Catherine [Hardwicke] gave me a lot more fun things to do, and gave us a real relationship.  So that’s the big question for the second book, where again the mother is relegated to the phone.  I don’t know if they’ll stay true to that.”

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TVGuide.com
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Henrik Batallones

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