Another season of Rock of Love has come and gone, Bret’s got a new girl, and he believes that she’s truly the one for him.  We’ve heard that story before, but it seems as though there’s still more to tell.  VH1 recently talked to the rock star about what’s been going on with him these past days, particularly his relationship with the series winner, Taya Parker.

“I think that I absolutely made the right choice with Taya,” Bret admitted.  “When you’re around her one-on-one, she lets you know that she cares about you and she makes you feel like a man.  She’ll tell you, “You look great.”  Being flattered whether you’re being played or whether it’s sincere, matters.”

While it may seem like just another ego trip for Bret Michaels, he maintains that it’s not.  He does admit that he had a great relationship with Rock of Love Bus runner-up Mindy, but Taya was really there for him.

“My heart is broken that Mindy didn’t say to me on the island that she loved me,” Michaels said.  “I really like Mindy.  Me and Mindy need to get together and speak.  I didn’t know she was having all those emotional love moments.  I couldn’t read her.  Taya, she’s good.  Whether she was playing me or not, she’s good.”

As for the fate of Rock of Love, Bret still doesn’t know for sure.  Another season could be in the works, but the Poison frontman is hoping that his relationship with Taya will last.  “Whether it is or isn’t the last is yet to be seen, as far as what happens with me and Taya,” he explained.  “Where does this go?  Do we date?  Do we take it little by little?  When you say “committed relationship,” you’re asking someone for a lot.  She lives in Cleveland with her son.  She travels.  I travel.”

“I’m getting much better at advice than I am at finding love.  Bret is the rock doc of love.  That’s my new thing.  It seemed like I saved everyone’s relationship but mine.  Everyone got married, had kids, got engaged, got back with their boyfriend,” he said.  “We’ll see what happens with Taya.  If it works out, maybe I can become some sort of love adviser.  If not, I’d love to come back and do it all again.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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