What a hectic, confusing era for TV. It’s that time of year when the very lives of our beloved (and not so beloved) TV shows hang by mere threads. And just as it is a trying time for TV, so it is a trying time for TV fans as well. But fear not! For we here at BuddyTV have compiled a handy, exhaustive list of this year’s renewals and cancellations as they stand right now. So breathe a sigh of relief, or shake your fist at the heavens. Here are the shows returning for more, and those meeting early deaths…


Officially Renewed:
Cougar Town
Grey’s Anatomy
The Middle
Modern Family
Private Practice
Happy Endings
Body of Proof
Shark Tank
Likely Renewed:
Desperate Housewives

Officially Cancelled:
My Generation
The Whole Truth
Brothers and Sisters
Mr. Sunshine
Detroit 1-8-7
No Ordinary Family
Off the Map
Better With You

No big surprises here. ABC has been absolutely merciless in its cancellations so far, axing anything that has been struggling this season. With this mentality, I’m a little surprised that Happy Endings has survived into next season, but I suppose the ABC execs feel that it hasn’t been allowed adequate time to shine. Maybe those executives do have hearts. We’ll see if their generosity continues beyond next year.

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Officially Renewed:
Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men
How I Met Your Mother
The Amazing Race
Undercover Boss
Likely Renewed:
Mike and Molly
Hawaii Five-0
The Good Wife
Rules of Engagement
CSI: Miami
Criminal Minds
The Mentalist
Fate Unknown:
Blue Bloods
Mad Love
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
As Good as Dead:
S#*! My Dad Says
The Defenders
Officially Cancelled:
Reaction: No big surprises out of CBS yet either. Desperate to hang onto the money machine that is Two and a Half Men, CBS has enlisted the aid of Ashton Kutcher to assume the role of one of the titular two men. Many wondered about the fate of the sitcom, but of course CBS will run it into the ground before they give it up. We’ll likely see a few more seasons before it finally fizzles out and CBS takes it off life support.

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The CW

Officially Renewed:
Vampire Diaries
Gossip Girl
America’s Next Top Model
Fate Unknown:
One Tree Hill
Officially Cancelled:
Life Unexpected
Reaction: The CW, being the smallest of our networks, has to hang onto any even semi-successful shows they have. That’s why looking at their official renewals results in a big “Well, duh.” Smallville finished out its final season last night, but never fear! CW has already nabbed the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show to make up for it!


Officially Renewed:
30 Rock
The Biggest Loser
Who Do You Think You Are?
The Office
Parks and Recreation
Harry’s Law
Likely Renewed:
Law and Order: SVU
Fate Unknown:
The Apprentice
Officially Cancelled:
The Cape
Perfect Couples
Law and Order: LA
America’s Next Great Restaurant
Of all the networks, NBC has been the most brutal, easily. NBC is trimming the fat off the network, so to speak. The one big surprise, however, is Chuck, which has been renewed for a fifth, final season, despite speculation to the contrary. Maybe NBC isn’t ready to lose the spy show — or maybe the execs are just terrified of what furious Chuck fans are capable of. Whatever the reason, Chuck has one last season, supposedly, to wrap everything up. Enjoy it while it lasts, Chuck fans!

And can I just say, Outsourced lasted way too long. Better late than never, I suppose. The show was dead-weight, especially considering its primetime company.

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Officially Renewed:
Raising Hope
The Simpsons
The Cleveland Show
American Dad
Family Guy
Hell’s Kitchen
Bob’s Burgers
American Idol
Officially Cancelled:
The Good Guys
Lone Star
Running Wilde
Human Target
Breaking In
The Chicago Code
Traffic Lights
Lie To Me
The only thing that surprised me somewhat with FOX was its fondness for animation. As the only major network that offers animated shows, they’re likely just playing to their strengths. American Dad, The Cleveland Show and Bob’s Burgers were all renewed.

And Breaking In, Christian Slater’s short-lived show, has been cancelled. But it might not be quite dead yet…

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Stay tuned for more news on show cancellations, renewals and other announcements. Any thoughts on what’s been axed so far? Anything sticking around you think doesn’t deserve it? Sound off in the comments below!

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